How to Seed a Pomegranate

• 30 November 2011

Chances are you've spotted big, beautiful pomegranates piled on top of each other at your local grocery store this month and you've probably considered buying least for a moment.  But then you start thinking about how you'd seed this hunky piece of fruit and furthermore, how would you use it.  I get it...I've thought the same thing in the past.  But today I'm here to put all your pomegranate fears to rest and empower you with the best method of seeding a pomegranate.

Awhile back a reader sent me a link to a video from an archived Martha Stewart show where she showed viewers how to seed a pomegranate without wasting any of the seeds, without making a mess and without running water (thanks Monique!).  Apparently an Indian gentleman taught Martha this simple, effective method and it's absolutely brilliant. The visual tutorial I'm sharing today is based on this video.

1. Hold the pomegranate in one hand and score the fruit into fourths.  Slide the knife into the middle, putting pressure on the fruit, and break apart.  You'll have 4 quarters. 

2. In one hand, take one fourth of the pomegranate and flip it over.  The fruit should be facing down in the palm of your hand. 

3.  With your other hand grab a heavy, wooden spoon and whack the skin of the pomegranate with the back of the spoon (consider it your daily stress reliever).  Pomegranate seeds will start spilling through your fingers like manna from the sky.  You'll notice only seeds falling membranes.  It's amazing! 

4.  Repeat steps for the remaining 3 wedges. 

p.s. my favorite way to eat pomegranate seeds is by the spoonful (hello antioxidants!) and mixed in with fresh pineapple.  What's yours?

all images by Stephanie Brubaker for stephmodo


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