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Modern Bedrooms for Children

• 29 November 2011

I'm toying with the idea of sprucing up one of my children's bedrooms--it's been the same style for over 4 years now and I'm in the mood to change out a couple of things to make it a bit more age appropriate.  I peeked at Houzz to see if I could find anything is what I found!  Love the various shades of blue, the clean lines, the lack of clutter, the attention to detail and calming aura they each exude. Plus, they aren't all fancy schmancy, which makes the project seem doable. 

p.s. I just had to include one girly space as beautiful!

bedroom 1  /  bedroom 2  /  bedroom 3


  1. Any idea of where the beds in #1 and #3 are from?

  2. All three are great kid's bedrooms. All of them provide plenty of room to play. The area rug is great since kids usually play on the floor. No. 3 is my favorite and provides plenty of storage. Even with the blue accent wall, there are still plenty of color options to change the decor as the child grows.

  3. Hi McKenna, I don't know but on Houzz you can often click on a product in the picture and a little tag will indicate where its from.

    Pat, I agree with you on all of the above! I think that's why I was drawn to them.

  4. I love a modern look in a kids room, especially one that is colorful and playful without being cluttered. These are great inspiration images....I think I may need to make a trip to IKEA for that Expedit shelf lol!

  5. Thanks for the great bedroom inspirations. I really liked the girl's room shot because it provides some inspiration for putting the bed in front of a window without giving it a look of blocking the window.

  6. Getting ready to switch rooms around, and I LOVE that girls' room. Especially that gorgeous rug! Thanks for the pic.

  7. I had no idea which room you referred to as a girl's room, and I'm a girl (or a woman). :) I think all of these rooms could belong to any gender, and we really should stop thinking that girls are pink and pretty, and boys blue and messy.

    We know that some or many may be but many also will become that way since we tell them from their earky years how to behave 'as a girl/boy' and what to like or do just because of their gender (as in 'boys don't do ballet' etc.).

    Let them be who they are, and if a girl discovers that she likes pink or wants to talk about make up, then so be, but let her also feel free to like cars and dark colors. And a boy to enjoy red color and cleaning the house. We will do so much harm to them by heavily "suggesting" to be of a certain kind, labeled so strongly by their gender.

    We all want what's good for the kids, right, to be loved the way they are.


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