stephmodo: Family Style: Inspiring Swedish Interior

Family Style: Inspiring Swedish Interior

• 14 November 2011

I recently discovered a beautiful Swedish blog written by a mother with impeccable taste. I have absolutely no idea what she is saying on her blog, but her images speak a thousand words to me.  I feel like I'm picking up all sorts of little design ideas, darling party tips and at the very least, very much appreciating her white-on-white style.  Note that while the images on her blog are a bit fuzzy, it's still a worthwhile peek.  In fact, it's more than worthwhile, it's mesmerizing!

Find Julias' blog here.

update: Google Chrome is apparently the answer to translating the blog.  I've got to get out of the Dark Ages...(I'm still on Firefox!)

images via Julias Vita Drömmar


  1. Gorgeous. Those balloons against the white is perfect.

  2. I really like this Swedish blog, too. FYI, I am using Google Chrome and it is being translated from Swedish to English for me. Her descriptions add to the pictures.

  3. Starr, I know, right? It makes me want to paint all my walls white! (I've actually never done that...)

    Samantha, thanks so much for the heads up...I'm still on old-school firefox! I updated the post to reflect this new info so others can enjoy!]]

    Robyn, I agree! It's soooo beautiful.

  4. I wish I could do more white. It's so simple but the layers make it alive. It makes me wonder why I focus on so much color.

    Love it.

  5. I love how crisp and fresh this is. I usually design with an eye for color too, but I'm impressed (and intrigued) with how she achieves this kind of design without it being a washed out white.

  6. I agree with you... the blog is lovely and she has an impeccable taste! Thank you for introducing me to "Julias Vita Drommar"...

  7. I'm dying over these photos. First of all, is there anything better than a fist-full of wildflowers? And followed up with a room full colorful balloons. Please, I want to move in. Thanks for the tip.


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