stephmodo: A Year in New York

A Year in New York

• 05 November 2011

This mesmerizing film by New York resident Andrew Clancey is pure magic for anyone who:

1. lives in New York
2. loves to visit New York (that's pretty much most of us, right?)
3. or who lives in an urban environment elsewhere

Armed with a Canon 7D, Andrew captured thousands of angles around the city within a year's time.  My husband and I watched this together tonight and loved how the film showcases our favorite aspects of living in the city...any city.  Beautiful. Gritty. Mixed. Colorful. Magical.  You've got to watch it (heads up: beautiful, mesmerizing music accompanies the short film).

I'm ready to jump on a plane, how 'bout you?

p.s. if you're heading to NY soon, be sure to peek at the New York Favorites you contributed to!

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  1. Hi steph,

    Thanks for your glorious blog, I read it with a coffee each day! I know its a little out of season for you there but if you have a chance I would love you to check out my new range of handmade summer clothes for girls at:
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    Thanks again,
    Steph H

  2. I am a country girl, never traveled to NYC but I love this. Beautiful!

  3. This is just stunning. My three year old watched and squealed when she spotted the Miss Liberty. We recently spent two weeks in New York and I swear she's been changed forever from the experience. What a grand city.

  4. this made my heart swell and made me want to hug the whole country! beautiful :)

  5. Beautiful and mix of hustle and bustle. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  6. Gorgeous! I agree, it captures the best parts of living in any city. It's the little things like the lady walking in the opposite direction of the train that are just beautiful.

    On a side note...I just signed up for your Wednesday dinner at the Altitude Design Summit, and couldn't be more excited!!!!

  7. So glad you love too! I can't stop thinking about it myself. Pretty magical.

    Jamie, I'm excited to meet you at ALT!


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