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Best Chocolate Macaron

• 18 December 2011

Last week I attended my friend's annual Favorite Things Party, which has become one of the highlights of December for me.  It's a great event that brings together women and allows us each to share one of our favorite holiday gifts with each other.  It's amazing what you can learn in just a short period of time! 

This year I brought these giant, decadent, chocolate macarons from Marie et Frères here in Seattle.  The macarons are made by Mistral Kitchen, down the street from Marie's exotic chocolate shop, and conveniently sold alongside organic, free-trade super dark chocolate from South America.  Marie et Frères (formerly Claudio Corallo) is a fantastic gem here in Seattle and definitely worth popping into for a few moments if you are a true chocolate lover...or are looking for a gift for a chocolate lover! 

p.s. if the passion fruit or coconut chocolate popsicles are in-house that day, you really must try one of those too :) 

Marie et Frères
2122 Westlake Avenue 
Seattle, Washington 98121 

(just down the road from Whole Foods and the new kid on the block, West Elm) 

image 1 - Stephanie Brubaker for stephmodo / image 2 - via Marie et Frères


  1. A Favorite Things Party is just a fantastic idea. I may steal that.

  2. yum! i've been to that little shop and tried some for myself, they were to die for! (also, my friend was at your favorite things party, small world! she's in your ward - alex.)

  3. I never understood this cookie - it always looked kind of gross to me. Then a few weekends ago, I had my first one EVER at Urban Craft Uprising (in Seattle) and I thought I had died and went to was AMAZING and now i'm hooked. I definitely need to make a visit here and pick some up, yum yum yum!!!!!

  4. Can you tell us more about the "Favorite Things" party? How many women? How is it organized? etc.

    Inquiring minds want to know. :-)

  5. LOVE that photo!! a blurry biker is quintessential seattle. and, yes, i'd love to know more details about this 'favorite things' party idea, too.

  6. Starr & Angela, I may host one in the next 2 months and will definitely post about it if I do. To me it seems like a fun party idea any time of the year. What my friends does is ask guests to bring 4 x $5 gifts. The gifts are all the same thing, your favorite thing, and then an exchange takes place. It's a fun idea and you can play with the details a little if you want.

    Lyndsey, I think we need to meet there! How fun that you know Alex too. She knows my husband's cousin too so small world indeed!

    Emily, you need to try the popsicles too next time. One of each right?!

    Martha, yes, the biker in seattle is tres apropos I agree. The rain makes it even better, yes?

  7. Ooohh, I definitely need to go there next time I'm in Seattle! I love favorite things parties...I hosted one last summer and it was such a fun time!


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