stephmodo: Calming Interior: Gray, Maize and Creamy Whites

Calming Interior: Gray, Maize and Creamy Whites

• 15 December 2011

Before we moved to Seattle, we sold many of our things in anticipation of moving to a larger, more expensive city (many, many thanks to those of you who attended our tag sale btw!).  Upon arrival I assessed our living space, made some cosmetic changes and had to decide a simple color scheme.  Given the weather here I wanted to avoid gray at all costs, but looking at these images from this San Francisco residence makes me want to cover my living room in gray, yellow and creamy whites regardless of what the skies look like at the moment.  This space is incredibly calming, inviting and inspiring all in the same breath.

images via houzz via Dijeu Poage Construction


  1. I am a huge fan of gray! Love all of your pics!

  2. I've been contemplating this exact dilemma - can one do gray in Seattle? These photos make me want to take the risk.

  3. I love the ceilings in those pictures! We have chinchilla gray by martha stewart in our mudroom and in the guest bathroom (with carrera marble) and I love the color. Whether or not it will make the room feel dreary depends on the lighting in the room and the space. I would pair it with white bedding as well. Good luck!

  4. Oh my! The color is beautiful, but so is everything else in these photos. Envious!

  5. I love this house. While the all white/linen thing is quite in right now, I find it too drab for me. The gray with the bright pops of green is right up my alley. Now if only my house was so perfectly organized to look like that. What do these people do with all their stuff?

  6. Lauren, your space sounds amazing. #jealousinagoodway :)

    The Romneys, I think people either have lots of storage or just live minimally. I don't know about you, but this space makes me want to purge, purge, purge this week. Especially since Christmas is next week and even though we keep things simple, it's still adding you know?


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