stephmodo: A Darling Children's Book about Paris

A Darling Children's Book about Paris

• 13 January 2012

My preschool-aged daughter chose this book for her bedtime read last week and I was reminded how much I love this little book for its gorgeous illustrations of Paris and for the sweet storyline.  Set in the City of Lights about a hundred years ago, we follow a girl named Adèle and her little brother Simon as they try to make their way home after school.  The siblings stop at many famous Parisian landmarks along the way, weaving a beautiful path through the city.  While not a vintage book, it certainly has that feel, and is a darling read for little boys and girls--especially one who dreams of Paris like my kids do.

Also, happy to report that Adèle and Simon is on sale now too...ten bucks for an award-winning hardcover is not too shabby!  I should probably stock up on a few for birthday gifts myself...

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I just looked at this book in our shelves, thinking: I hope the kids won't out gow this soon. A modern classic

  2. I love this book. I got it from the library about a year ago & was enchanted. Since my kids have French lessons in school, it really appealed to my daughter, as well.

  3. I have such a weakness for children's books. I suppose that this will be added to my cart on Amazon now! Thank you.

  4. beautiful! I love illustrations and wish I had more of a reason to browse them regularly. This looks amazing

  5. Tate's birthday is next week... bought it. Thanks for the gift idea!

  6. It sounds like this is an old and new favorite for you all! So glad!

  7. We found this one about a year ago and just re-read it the other day. I love it!

  8. Привет!

    Спасибо вам за ваш милый блог! Будем читать ...
    Я оч. люблю стиль детских книг, шрифт всегда необычен и самое главное рисунок.


  9. My niece is just learning French. She would be interested in this book.

  10. thanks steph! just ordered. hoping to get to paris with the babes in april. xo

  11. we got this book this summer from the children's hour-- i gave it to one of my girls for christmas and she just loves it. they love searching for the things simon lost in each picture. such a clever book and i love the illustrations. i always dream of having a "similar day"-- with stops in the museum, the patisserie, the park. . .!!! (minus losing everything of course) ;)


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