Organizing Tip #27

• 11 January 2012

It has been such a long time since I've posted anything related to home organization...hmmm....maybe because I've been so disorganized this year?  Well, I'd say it's time to get that party started and what better month than January.  Here we go: 

If you have a small child in the midst, create a toy drawer in the kitchen, at his/her level. 

I learned this valuable tip from my mother-in-law several years ago when my first child became mobile.  It seemed that I often spent time in the kitchen--tidying, prepping, cooking, baking, writing, etc.  My toddler, wanting to be close to me (and I to her obviously), would open drawers and cupboards and make all sorts of messes, as little ones do when they're curious.  So I decided to free up space in one of my bottom drawers (it was a sacrifice in a studio apartment, but worth it nonetheless) and fill it with all sorts of fun, age-appropriate toys.

What happened next was wonderful!  While I stirred the risotto on the stove, my daughter stacked blocks, pretended to talk on the phone and drove cars around my feet.  Instead of being bored and subsequently demanding, she now happily entertained herself under my watch.  Definitely worth the precious real estate in my small kitchen!  In fact, I still practice this tip with Baby Gray, my fourth child; here we are 9 kitchens later and still making space for a "toy drawer" :)

One important note about toys for toddlers...make sure that the toys you expose your child to are not choking hazards.  As a rule of thumb, anything that fits inside a toilet paper roll is considered a "chokable".  My own adorable baby sister passed away a very long time ago from choking on a toy and I would never want anything like that to happen to you or your child.  So don't feel like you're being overprotective by protecting your child...better safe than sorry, right?!

Peek here for 26 more organizing tips if you're feeling inspired.  I promise there isn't anything too overwhelming mixed in there :)

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