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Cobalt Blue

• 13 February 2012

Perhaps my favorite piece to wear is a cobalt blue dress I purchased at Anthropologie a couple of years ago.  I wear it as often as I can (in fact I've worn it 2 years straight to ALT) and quite honestly enjoy the energizing, brilliant color that remarkably enough doesn't look ridiculous next to my fair skin (we don't see the sun enough here in Seattle to get past "white" any time of the year!).  I would even venture to say it's one of those magical hues that looks good against just about any complexion.  I think you'll dig it :)  

Here are a few picks to start winning you over: 

dress  / cuff bracelet  /  ballet flats  /  skinny jeans  /  belt   

earrings + brooch  /  clutch  /  shift dress  /  vintage blouse


  1. your post on blue is exactly what i needed on this cloudy morning! glad to have discovered your blog! greetings from greece. xx*

  2. I just got some cobalt heels from Aldo that I am loving. I too haven't been able to get enough of the bright blue cheerfulness.

  3. This post from Antiquaire just popped up on Facebook - made for you - Tolix + cobalt blue : )

  4. Nileta, it's good to meet a new reader! Thanks for saying "hi"! I wish I were in Greece right now :) Sounds magical.

    Romneys, it's been so long since I've stepped into aldo. Thanks for the reminder to do just that!

    Petra, you are too cute (and so right!). Thanks for the link. I'm dying over their new colors. One of each please!

  5. Hi there!

    Thank you for featuring my blouse ;)



  6. My husband and I are living in Cyprus right now, and some of these would be perfect for the already approaching spring. Plus, as a Swede, blue is always, always, always a good idea! (:

  7. Yeye, you are welome! Great vintage find.

    Engquist, Cyprus?! Amazing. Wow, what an adventure! Tell me, why is "blue" an ideal color for a Swede? Because of your light complexion? So curious about that comment :)

    Have a great weekend!


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