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Junior Mint Valentines

• 12 February 2012

I am not a candy person, but I do have a penchant for Junior Mints.  Frozen.  And in movie theatres (forget popcorn and soda, it's all about these minty buttons).  Once I spotted the heart-shaped Junior Mints last week at our local drugstore, I instantly thought of sharing this idea, as not everyone has time to make a homemade treat on Valentine's Day.  You can whip these up in minutes, particularly if you already have a few pretty embellishments on hand. 

Here's how in 3 easy steps:

1. Drive to Walgreens, Bartells, Rite Aid, what have you.  Buy heart-shaped Junior Mints.

2. Wrap Junior Mints in kraft brown paper (found at Xpedx, Packaging Specialities, Big Lots, etc.) and whatever ribbon, trim, tags, etc. you have on hand.  I wrapped mine in watercolor heart garlands and baker's twine.

3. Place wrapped candy boxes in the freezer overnight. Take out the next day just before delivering.

If you're worried about water/ice possibly coming into contact with your pretty l'il packages whilst they freeze up nice and easy, then place your wrapped candy boxes inside a ziploc bag first. 

Enjoy delivering your treats and Happy Valentine's Day!

images by Stephanie Brubaker / stephmodo


  1. I looove Junior Mints but never thought to freeze them... must try that soon!

  2. ooooooh-- i am SO with you on the Junior Mints...the one candy i can never say no to! (also reminds me of that Seinfeld episode!)

  3. I love Junior mints, too! They are so cute in the heart shape. I hope to track some of these down. Your watercolor hearts are very cute.

  4. Frozen Jr. Mints are one of my favorite treats (up there with York Patties-I have a thing for mint!) I've never seen heart shaped, though! Cute cute idea, as usual. Sorta wish I was your neighbor:)

  5. Heart shaped Junior Mints? I've never heard of such a thing and I love Junior Mints, I have a box in the freezer about 90% of the time. (I love them too because my children don't! So they are the perfect treat and I don't have to share.)

  6. Tara, freezing them takes 'em to a whole new level. You'll love this take...let me know how it goes!

    Merathon, I need to look up that Seinfeld's been awhile since I've watched that show and don't think I've ever seen the one about JR Mints...

    Kathy, I'm finding only drug stores carry them. My local Bartells does, but not in the regular candy aisle -- in the Valentine candy aisle.

    Miranda, I wish you were my neighbor too :)

    Brooke, heart-shaped JR Mints are a recent discovery for me too. Apparently I've had no idea what I'm missing! I don't know how you keep a box in the freezer all the time :) I have no discipline and end up eating the entire box in one night and then feeling sick about it all. I wish I had more restraint and could just pop one or two every now and then. Oh well...

    I hope you find some!

  7. Heart shaped Jr Mints? Gotta run! I'm off to Bartells and I hope they are stocked up.
    Thanks for the tip.
    P.S. Jr Mints also taste great all melted in the center of chocolate cookies. Just sayin....

  8. We are on the same page! I have a whole bag of Jr. Mints to get ready for tomorrow. with your cute wrapping idea, my inspiration is now fueled! Yea!

  9. Confession to those of you who have a penchant for Jr Mints too...

    While prepping the boxes to shoot, I ate almost an entire box. Then wrapped it :)


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