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Simple Pleasures

• 10 February 2012

This morning I'm thinking a lot about the simple pleasures in life and how they carry us through and enhance our seemingly ordinary days; that is, if we take the time to notice them.  For most people, life is about getting through the day-to-day (and in some cases, just getting by), and making the most of what we've got.  In order to optimize the joy in our lives, it's critical to note the simple pleasures--the small joys--that really affect our day. 

Things like paper whites blooming in the window, a cup of good tea after the little ones are in bed or perusing a beautiful cookbook and feeling inspired.  Perhaps an inexpensive bouquet of tulips in your bathroom, a parking spot right up front when you're running late, peeking at old family photos or a handwritten card in the mail bring a smile to your face.  As we begin to think about the small and simple pleasures in life, a pattern will begin to form and gratitude will start growing within us, bringing a lift to our spirits. 

What are some of the simple pleasures you enjoy?  What do you take notice of in everyday life that inspires and uplifts you?

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  1. What a lovely post! This time a year I'm grateful for the smell of citrus from a freshly pealed orange and the amaryllis flowering on my desk. Thanks for the reminder to appreciate the everyday.

  2. One of my favorite indulgences is 'feasting' on local library cookbooks whilst munching biscotti dipped in mint tea before my bedtime routine.

    Daily routines are also a source of stability and comfort--thinking of ongoing things (food prep, office work, laundry, dishes) that way instead of, "Now I have to do this" and, "Why do I always end up doing that" can lift us from the feeling of a daily grind to a feeling of, "This is my purpose and I love it." (Although admittedly I still don't love folding laundry--even though I adore my washer and dryer and strong hands that can fold without a problem.)

    Happy love day, Steph!

  3. Beautiful post. After much effort and a daily focus in gratitude, I've learned to take notice of the simple things that make life beautiful. I don't want to feel like I'm only living for vacations but that I'm living every single day. I've actually learned to appreciate the daily routines and chores like doing dishes, and it has made me more optimistic overall. It takes a little practice (at least for me it does), but it is so worth it. Have a happy weekend!

  4. I love this post and focusing on the little things does make such a difference in my day. Today, i'm happy for the simple {yet gorgeous} yellow scarf my sis-in-law knitted for me for my Birthday. I'm wearing it and it's just brightening the day!

  5. This morning while running errands and hearing my twins cry in their car seats, I liked looking in the rear view mirror to see my 5 year old squished in between them making funny faces at them, trying so hard to get them to smile. I'm a big fresh flower girl too. It really lifts my spirits!

  6. I love this post. One of my simple pleasures is when my son spontaneously gives me a hug and tells me that he loves me. Don't get me wrong, I love it when my girls do it too, but my son is entering his preteen years and the spontaneous hugs and declarations of love are not as abundant as they used to be. :)

    Have a lovely weekend (despite all this rain)!

  7. My ipod, whether it be buying a few songs or making a new playlist. A great yoga class. An honest conversation with a friend that understands me. ...and if all else fails - peonies! TGIF.

  8. Yes, the little things sometimes seem so small that they can't possibly matter, but added up they amount to so much more than the big!

    Today my little 18m old girl wiggled her little booty in her chair each time she took a bite of her dinner. Those tiny things make my days awesome.

  9. Loving these comments...can't stop thinking about several of the mentions here.

    I have to add "hot showers" to my original list. A simple, everyday luxury.

  10. beautiful post stephanie. i also loved the tiny hearts all over the card- would make the sweetest pillowcase for little ones room.

  11. I love this. I think it's our choice to take advantage of the small joys. Since we can't control what happens to us, only our actions and reactions, small joys are kind of like the trail marks that get us through.

    A few I love (and this is so great I might turn this into a blog post and link you.): a bright sunny day during winter, a morning cup of tea, a freshly washed and vacuumed car, a phone call from a friend and waking up before the alarm clock.

  12. My biggest simple pleasure is nature, in particular the changing of seasons. I love witnessing all the little buds on my trees outside right now. I am just begging for more sunny weather to open up them up.


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