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Valentine Hearts

• 08 February 2012

Valentine's Day.  Such a fun holiday to celebrate, yes?  All this talk of love and "like" is just what we all need to carry us through the late winter doldrums of February.  Me, I enjoy the excuse to craft simply, make treats, and write little notes to friends and family expressing my appreciation and love for them.  Admittedly it hasn't always been one of my favorite holidays (high school and college years especially); so don't feel guilty if you're not diggin' it this year.  That being said, I'm hoping these little, watercolored valentine hearts will add a little cheer to your holiday preparations and inspire you to pick up a few paints yourself!

First off, know that you don't have to be an artist or experienced crafter to tackle this small project.  I am neither...and if I can do it then you can too! All you need is a sheet of watercolor paper (found at any art supply or fabric/notion store), heart punchand a watercolor set (I found an inexpensive paint set at Target next to the washable crayons, if that's any indication of the skill level required :).

The beauty of this project is how forgiving it is.  You can mess around with your watercolors (literally) and not worry about perfection.  In fact, imperfectly-crafted hearts are even more sweet in my book.  I liked blending shades of red, tangerine orange, coral and pink, but I bet more non-traditional colors would be pretty too. 

...watercolor valentine heart gift tags + handsewn garlands...

...couldn't resist adding a few to a little box of pie...

...mixing in a little striped washi tape for good measure...

{below} more handsewn garlands and a valentine for my Valentine (sorry to ruin the surprise honey).  

note: this was my first attempt at sewing a garland and it was surprisingly simple.  I whipped out a needle and thread from a very basic sewing kit, and just figured it out as I went.  I mention that only to curtail any worries you may have about complexity.  Truly, all of these little ideas shown took only 5 minutes to make.  Promise :)

images by Stephanie Brubaker for stephmodo


  1. Love them... We have really been enjoying paper punches—so many possibilities :-)

  2. How sweet and simple - I <3 your ideas! Do you mind my asking where you get the plain tags that you made into gift tags? I'm always trying to find plain, inexpensive ones to pretty-up. And the bowl with heart prints too? All beautiful.

  3. Very sweet! I think I may have a go at doing something like this x

  4. Love these, they are ridiculously fabulous!!

    xx. Patience

  5. Thank you Patience, Mariah and Kirsteen!

    Petra, I found the tags at a local shop called Impress Stamp. But I bet you could find something similiar on Etsy or at Paper Source. Also, I found the bowl at West Elm. Hope that helps! Thanks for the note!

  6. oh, they are so sweet and cheery. perfect. :)

  7. All of your ideas are so cute! I especially love the garland. I sewed some a few years ago for a new years party and was surprised by how easy it was!

  8. I love quick little projects, thanks for a good one!!

  9. How sweet! I actually got my watercolors out last night to do the same thing before even reading this!

  10. So pretty! You make it look so easy to whip something like that up. beautiful.

  11. Kristin, it was pretty simple...promise. I don't do lengthy crafts...I lose patience :)

    Let's make more of these next year together!


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