stephmodo: Driftwood, Sunshine + a Terrarium

Driftwood, Sunshine + a Terrarium

• 07 February 2012

I awoke to sunshine.  In February.  In Seattle.  The day was looking promising!

I went about my morning steadily, trying to deal with all the little things that often go wrong in the morning as one readies 4 children for the day; all the while thinking about Mara's advice on choosing happiness in this poignant essay, which is technically about infertility, but it encompasses so much more.  A few hours later, the sun was still shining gloriously in the sky, continuing to lift my spirits.  I finished preparing the lunch that I would later share with a couple of new friends, and then slid it into the fridge before donning my walking shoes.

Sunglasses in hand, we left to explore a little more of Discovery Park.  In the back of my mind I thought about the terrarium on my dining room table that was in need of one more "ingredient" to look complete.  During these typically dreary months, it is so vital to a space's overall energy to bring a little of the outdoors inside and I find that terrariums do the trick! (see more here, here and here). 

Well, it turned out that this particular beach was full of driftwood--all shapes and sizes (we've even seen people snag large pieces for furniture here before); and finding exactly what I needed took only a few minutes.  And now my terrarium is complete...and the day is over.  If there is one thing I've learned this past year, it is to appreciate beautiful, sunshine-filled moments when you have them!

images by Stephanie Brubaker


  1. A lovely, well-written read. Sunshine always helps to bring a smile I feel. Hugs from London!

  2. I couldnt agree more. Your terrarium is beautiful!

  3. Beautiful. Aren't mornings the most poignant times of our days?

    That terranium is beautiful. I would love to create one.

  4. Four things I loved from your post: 1) Sunshine - 2 gray days in SoCal & I am going a little loopy. Woke up to sunshine today. Hooray. 2) Love driftwood. Need to venture out to farther flung beaches. 3) New friends, I need some. Everyone seems to have moved. 4) Love & drink up the good days, oh yes, what a lesson that's been the past couple of years. Thank you for reminding me of all these good things and to enjoy them.

  5. Selaginella, Fittonia and.... Asparagus Fern?

  6. Will, I hope you have a little surprise sunshine yourself! I think we probably have similar weather...

    Brooke & Tulips, thank you! The "vase" is technically for candles and rocks (per Pottery Barn 5 years ago), but I always use it for terrariums instead :)

    Katie/CW, You're so right about mornings...we all think clearest in the morn'. If only they lasted longer. Maybe that's why there's the whole "early to bed and early to rise" ditty? :)

    Kalanicut, your comment totally made me smile. We are on the same page today it seems :)

    Josh, you seem to know more than I! I know the bright/chartreuse-y green is selaginella (spelling?) and I think you're right on the fern too. Heck, you're probably 3 for 3! I'll pay better attention next time to the actual names. Usually I choose plants based on color, texture, etc.

    I appreciate all the comments guys! Thank you for taking the time to drop a note.

  7. Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks so much for the link to your pie boxes in your etsy shop, I don`t need any at the moment, but I will definitely keep the link for the future.
    You did a great job on your terrarium. I`ve always loved terrarium`s, I especially like how thick you made the earth. It looks great. You are one talented lady!


  8. I'm so happy for our February Seattle sunshine....and Discovery park....and terrariums. :)

  9. Three cheers for sunshine in Seattle!!! Hip, hip, hooray.

  10. I now am obsessed with wanting to do a terrarium! So pretty. How tall is that jar? Thanks!

  11. Emily, Lisette, right on fellow Seattlites! We are all on the same page :)

    Emily, my jar is actually a vessel for candles. I purchased it at PB several years ago. It's about a foot tall I'd say. Keep your eyes peeled for vessels that aren't necessarily "terrariums" per se, but can act as one. Good luck!


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