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Tolix Kids

• 07 February 2012

A couple of years ago, when we were living in France, I spotted a little red Tolix chair underneath the staircase at Merci.  It was so cute I would've pinched its cheeks, had it cheeks to pinch.  I'm not sure there is anything more precious than a pint-size Tolix chair!  I toyed with the idea of figuring out how to bring a few home, as there was no need/room for them at La Maisonnette; but quickly wisened up once I started thinking through the logistics for a few seconds (this was definitely another I-wish-I-had-access-to-a-container moments). 

Aaah, but I have some good news for fellow Tolix fans!  I just noticed that Chicago-based Antiquaire is now carrying the entire Tolix Kids line, well beyond the red chair.  I'm dying over every little thing and now know what my daydreams will be made of for the next little while...

images via Antiquaire and Tolix


  1. Thanks so much for this link! I'm practically down the road from this store, and I'm shopping for some new dining chairs! May have to pay a visit.

  2. Amber, you are so very lucky! You must check it seems so fabulous even online. And Melissa seems nice too!

  3. I'm well past the toy box stage now that my baby is in college but I think I could find several ways to use the adorable Toy Box With Wheels. But, how do I find the price list?

  4. Angela, Antiquaire is a great site if being judged on its incredible offerings, but it can be confusing and difficult to navigate due to the blog like design of the site. I do believe you have to email them to find out pricing. A little frustrating I know...i wish their pricing was more visible! Good luck! I hope you snag that toy box ;)

  5. Wow, these are so adorable! Going on the wish list and PInterest board right now.


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