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Gaugin + a Slight Change in Plans

• 29 March 2012

Perhaps an ambitious move--taking 4 kids to an acclaimed art exhibition; but Rachel and I were determined to do something interesting and adventurous on this rainy, Seattle afternoon.  After all, it isn't everyday that a good friend pays a visit!   A little jaunt through the galleries (even with a double stroller), sounded like bliss.  I imagined the kids, enamored with people-watching and bright colors, would be as quiet as little mouses.


Not five minutes into our jaunt, the museum attendant asked us politely to take our disruptive children to the sitting room next to the exit.  Not about to waste our $23 entrance fee (yikes!), we tag teamed while our little ones bounced, danced, pushed and climbed from chair to chair with a box of raisins.  Looking back, we should have charged admission...we were, in fact, our own petite circus :)

Aaah, but we survived and have some sweet, little pictures as a result.

p.s. did I mention these two are birthday buddies?  90210 baby.


  1. Glad you were able to enjoy the exhibit, even though you had 4 reasons to head to Chuck E Cheese instead, right? As a side note... I went to Angiquaire yesterday! The shop was small and cramped with Tolix chairs and French antique furniture- so it was pretty much perfect! Thanks for the tip!

  2. I had my own recent experience with a little one and art. I hadn't considered my stroller not being allowed in the exhibit {Van Gogh}, but we sailed through with flying colors!

    I love that you braved 4! Kudos to you and yours.

    what sweet little mop-tops.

    best - d.

  3. Good for you for giving it a try! And don't give up. We've had plenty of crazy moments, but one of my favorite memories is of my 4-year-old son lying on his stomach at the Mpls. Institute of Art, sketching a knight in armor on his drawing pad.

  4. you are so awesome for even trying. how was the exhibit?

  5. How was the exhibition?? I saw it advertised when we drove through Seattle during our Spring break. Do you need to reserve tickets in advance to get in? Is it crowded? Would a 11 and 8 y.o enjoy it?
    Thanks for the info :-)

  6. Amber, well said :) Your comment made me laugh out loud!

    plum, I'm glad your experience was far more relaxing than ours! I love Van Gogh...

    Shannon, that's a great memory. I hope you snapped a photo on your phone!

    Martha, I thought it was beautiful. Lots of Gaugin works I'd never seen, even in Paris. I enjoyed it. Since the kids got in free, I justified the expense. I think you can get some discounts though, like on First Thursday and on their FB page.

    Christelle, it was really nice. I don't think you need to purchase tickets in advance, but you can to avoid lines. I think your kids might enjoy it...and since they would get in for free (under 12 I think) then you might as well give it a go! It was slightly crowded but not unmanagable. I'm sure, though, if you went on First Thursday it would be crowded. Enjoy!

  7. You're a better sport than I am. I would demand my money back and leave. Children are, granted, noisier and rowdier than adults, but they have every right to walk through a museum they paid to get into. Ugh. :)

  8. I'm shocked! My friend and I took our 2 kids each (yes, 4 total) to Gaugin and no-one batted an eye! There must have been a grumpy worker on your day. In fact, I took my kids a second time when my husband wanted to see it.

    If you do go to SAM with kids again, you've got to head to the family room just below the reading room where you were, one floor down. It's full of things to keep them busy and a perfect way to tag team with a friend.

  9. Taking the kids to an art museum for me is fun and awful at the same time. Exposing them to culture and seeing them appreciate it is awesome, but stalking attendants and kids that want to touch everything, not much so. Yet, we do it again and again. : )

  10. Emily, we almost did, but it was such a hassle getting there that we bit the bullet.

    Alison B, I'm glad you had better luck. I have to admit they were cranky :) Our fault though...should've fed them your tips though. I'd forgotten about the family area.

    Jenn, so true. We do it again and again. I guess that's what you have to do...keep plugging away!

  11. Good for you for trying! My husband and I were just there last Friday with the kids for our last day of our self-made spring break camp. Definitely challenging, but it think it was easier that we only had 3 kids and they were a bit older. The audio self-tour saved the day! The kids saw it as a treasure hunt--scouring the exhibit for the next number to play the recording for that piece. :)


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