Gaugin + a Slight Change in Plans

• 29 March 2012

Perhaps an ambitious move--taking 4 kids to an acclaimed art exhibition; but Rachel and I were determined to do something interesting and adventurous on this rainy, Seattle afternoon.  After all, it isn't everyday that a good friend pays a visit!   A little jaunt through the galleries (even with a double stroller), sounded like bliss.  I imagined the kids, enamored with people-watching and bright colors, would be as quiet as little mouses.


Not five minutes into our jaunt, the museum attendant asked us politely to take our disruptive children to the sitting room next to the exit.  Not about to waste our $23 entrance fee (yikes!), we tag teamed while our little ones bounced, danced, pushed and climbed from chair to chair with a box of raisins.  Looking back, we should have charged admission...we were, in fact, our own petite circus :)

Aaah, but we survived and have some sweet, little pictures as a result.

p.s. did I mention these two are birthday buddies?  90210 baby.


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