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The Look for Less: Horse Photographs

• 19 March 2012

A couple of years ago, Elle Decor ran an article about a family who renovated an old farmhouse in New York state (the specific url is no longer active...sorry!).  I blogged about it at the time, as it is sophisticated yet cozy country living at its finest!  I have never been able to forget the stunning, framed Roberto Dutesco photograph that is the backdrop for this lovely room.  I'm not sure why this image of wild horses resonated with me so--I've only ridden a horse a handful of times in my life; but, it's undeniably one of the few interiors that still linger in my mind.

If you ever wanted to replicate this look on a tight budget, here are several other options to consider. Lots of links below...just click on "read more" to see them.

wild horses running  / nuzzling horses  /  horses in sea  /  dark horse

Also, I've listed several more fantastic options below--ones that are not pictured within the post, but are definitely noteworthy as well.

one  /  two  /  three  /  four  /  five  /  six  /  seven  /  eight


  1. Horses are so majestic, and they definitely do stand out. I am reminded of Paula's house at Two Ellie - she has a horse picture in her home as well:

  2. I agree! I don't have any reason to love horses either, I've hardly been around them, but whenever I saw photos of them on pioneerwoman's site, I always wanted one in my home.

  3. I don't know if you were looking for the exact horse photo in the featured home, but it is by a Roberto Dutesco.


    great inspiration

  4. Mary, thanks for the reminder about Paula's blog. She has great style, there's no doubt about it!

    Michelle, we are on the same page!

    And Anna (so great to meet you at Alt!), I appreciate the heads up on the artist. Thanks!

  5. I've admired horse photography too! I actually copied the horse art in the Wisteria catalog with decent results once using a black pastel. But one of these hanging in my house is a must I think. Thanks for the great links.

    BTW, I asked you about your Tolix chairs a while ago. Thanks for getting back to me. I just had mine delivered today and I'm so pleased with them.

  6. I remember when this was posted and found the source Roberto Dutescoart spent years with these wild horses on Sable Island. The beauty of this breed is never having been touched by humans. As a horse owner and photographer of horses, these images by Roberto took my breath away! Don't know him, but wish I did!

  7. Barbie, so glad to hear it! You'll love them. What color did you end up with?

    Debra, thank you so much for the insight! I was so sad to have misplaced the original page with sourcing. I'm so happy you shared. I'll update the post :)


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