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• 19 March 2012

How was your weekend?  I spent Saturday morning making my creme fraiche chocolate bundt cake for an auction at my children's school.  First, I hit two different grocerty stores to pick up ingredients (wanted specific brands of things and the best price on each), then made the cake, decorated it and finally placed it on a nice serving tray ready for bidding.

And then I found out the auction is NEXT Saturday.

Boy, sometimes you try to be so organized only to be humbled by your own disorganization :) Funny how that works!  I decided to grab a stack of paper plates and started filling them with slabs of cake and ganache for the neighbors.  I think they like it when I make mistakes like this.

After consoling myself with a wedge of chocolate decadence, I enjoyed some afternoon rays coming through the windows and looked around my space.  I thought about how much I appreciate the little things here and there.  Life doesn't have to be fancy in order to find enjoyment and satisfaction with one's environment.  We can always find pieces or things that evoke a mood, a memory or that simply uplift us on days when life feels anything but efficient, organized, fun, or glamorous.  I hope you'll humor me as I make this record and attempt to document the small things that offer up daily doses of inspiration--things for which I am truly grateful.

Things like...bowls of fruit (or in this case, a trifle dish full of bananas!) or a tiny painting...

...or the plant that I've somehow managed to keep alive (and its pot, which I love)...and the toy I found on the back of the couch.  #lifewithkids

Books lined up in a row...

I also love this little air plant from West Elm (glass "vase" too)...and of course the ranoculus from the other day.  Such a pretty flower.

Last, the solitary piece of plastic food I found on the window sill in the living room...I hate to be redundant, but I do love finding things like this around my home.  Evidence that the toys have expanded outside the playroom boundaries :)  I know that someday, I'll be wishing for more moments like these; so until then I'll enjoy 'em when I can.  


  1. No!! Next Saturday! That, I would not have been happy about, I might have eaten well more than one piece. I enjoyed this post so much though, seeing snippets of your home. Seeing parts of your real life, left un done. I love it when I find my kids toys left in funny places, and I know I'll be so sad too when that day is over.
    Steph, can we also talk about YOUR home?!! Will you please show more of it!!! Already I'm itching to see more of that cool kitchen.

  2. Stephanie,
    Your cake story is something that I sure can identify with! My three sons have rarely been in the same school. I am forever trying to stay up with their schedules. Sometimes I do well, other times...not so much! It sure keeps life interesting. I LOVE the snapshots around your home. These days I am enjoying daffodils! About five years ago, I ordered a bulb mix of 100 from White Flower Farms. It was such a good decision. They are so pretty in the yard, and all over in the house! They make my day.

  3. Lovely pictures! I can so relate to finding little toys and plastic play foods in unexpectant places.... It honestly use to bother me when my little girl's would bring all types of toys out of their playroom, and leave them all around the house, but I too am trying to enjoy that view, because I know it will not be forever, as they grow up way too quickly...

  4. I love all these glimpses into your home....would love to see more! ;-)

  5. I'd love to see more too, won't you give a a real life home tour of your home? please?

  6. I agree! We need a full tour of your home!

  7. ditto on the a good home tour.

  8. One more request for a tour of your home. This was like the appetizer, teasing us! :) Sorry about your cake. I can relate. On Friday I helped my son pack for a campout. I loaded him down w/ healthy snack, made sure he had warm clothes, etc...only to drive over and realize the campout is next weekend!

  9. I adore those bright landscape abstracts in your top photo - who are they by? Simply wonderful.

    Lucky neighbors!

  10. Oh no!! That is completely something that would happen to me!! Darn, do I ever wish I were one of your neighbors! ;)

  11. Such a sweet post. Sorry about the scheduling snafu - I know it too well. So sad I missed out on cookies AND cake this week. Hope to see you soon, friend.

  12. You guys are so nice to admit you've the aggravating, yes?! And thank you for all the nice comments about the vignettes. Maybe I will do a home tour sometime....y'all are nice to ask and be interested!

    Until then, I am enjoying all of your spaces in the Real Life Home series. So fun for me to see and very inspiring.

    Laura, I'm not sure which painting you mean. Try these links.


  13. Oh, Stephanie, these photos speak to me. I love all of your things. I looked up the artwork (wow - love it so much) and I'm just swooning over the Shane Powers collection at West Elm. I've met Shane on a couple of occasions here in New York and he is so creative and talented.

  14. Life is truly about appreciating all the little moments. Thanks for this reminder.

  15. What color is your home painted? I'm painting my house and the color in the photo with the plant in the corner is just what I'm looking for. Will you share?

  16. Stephanie, thanks for the inspiration in this post, I've come back to it several times this week. It's a great reminder to see the beauty and happiness in what we have.

    I have to say that your bananas in a trifle bowl are truly inspired - they look so great in that! I've never given bananas their own place on the counter, just lumped their odd shape on the top of the round fruit in the bowl, but the glass container *celebrates* their shape & colour and make them fun! Love it! I've been wanting a decent trifle bowl for a while, but now I know one is urgently required as a banana bowl!

    I love the look of the creme fraiche chocolate cake, and as I'm having guests over this afternoon I'm going to try it out - can't wait. I think the extras should go the way of my neighbours too. I'll be thinking of you while I'm baking mine - I'm sure yours will be the hit of the auction - thanks for all your shares ;-)

  17. Mara, thanks so much friend. I am not surprised though that we are on the same page!

    Lisette, I have to remind myself this often as well. Hence the post...

    Donna, I believe the color is Hush by Benjamin Moore.

    Petra, what a great comment. Thank you for the pick-me-up! I hope your cake went well and good luck snagging a trifle bowl! I think I found mine at Macys or something...


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