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Light + Airy Beach House

• 14 March 2012

Summer is just close enough that I can actually allow myself to start thinking about this beautiful, sunshine-filled season.  I am of the opinion that there is no better place in the world than here in the Seattle area during the summer.  It's heaven being surrounded by plentiful produce, water, lakes, boats and berry farms.  And while no beach houses are on the horizon, I love to think about the possibilities anyway.  This Savannah-based beach house is simply stunning and many of the design ideas reflected in these images could easily transfer over to dwellings not touching the sand.

Sometimes beach houses can be too kitschy for my taste, but not this one. It's gorgeous, well-edited, full of bright light, and sophisticated enough for adults, but warm and cozy enough for children.  And of course, I cannot write this post without commenting on the Tolix stools.  Truly what is so great about them is that they are stylish, sturdy, "designer" {if you care about that stuff}, but not precious.  You don't have to worry about sticky hands or spills--all that comes off with a wipe!  My Tolix chairs look the same as the did when I purchased them 5 years ago and I never regret the investment (p.s. if you live in SLC, this is how I obtained mine at a discount; not sure if this is still the case, but it was a few years ago).

More images of this lovely beach house in Georgia after the jump (just click "read more" below).  Enjoy the inspiration!

interior design by Joel Snayd of Rethink Design Studio; found via houzz


  1. I had barely opened up your blog before I already knew I saw something fun. I love the openness of this house. It feels like you could really relax there. And it feels like a gathering place, somewhere easy to surround yourself with people you enjoy and make them feel very welcome and happy.

  2. What a gorgeous house! I love how light it is, but not at all cold. Beautiful!

  3. Kalani, yes, yes and yes. Totally agree with you! Glad you enjoyed it!

    Lulu, I love the clean, light-filled aesthetic too--while it's neat and tidy, it's not at all cold at all. You're totally right. They did a great job mixing textures and finding great pieces that stand on their own.

  4. Wow, really beautiful and relaxed. I love this. I'm so glad they chose to do bright Tolix stools. They make a great fun statement!

  5. It is truly a dream of mine to live in a house like this oceanside someday! With dahlias and giant hydrangea bushes...ohhh the possibilities!

  6. The first image makes my heart leap! We are blessed to vacation one week each year at the beach. We all treasure that week. It would be a dream come true to have a beach house.

  7. Yours truly, yes I love the red!! WE have a small red stool at LM, but I am loving these large versions. Perfect for an expanded space.

    Engquist, I'm with you on the hydrangeas. Planted a few little bushes last year myself and can't wait for them to reappear. Contemplating a couple more this season too...

    Kathy, you are so lucky! What a great tradition. I'd love to start that one myself!

  8. holy moly, house of my dreams! i adore every. single. room. i grew up in NY, and went to my great-aunt's early 20th century summer house every summer. this totally reminds me of it, but hers was all dark wood interior. still open and airy though, with a lovely claw-foot tub like that....(sigh)

    my husband and i are still trying to figure out how (since we live in the Northwest) we can get back there every summer... :)

  9. Joolee, I hope you can figure that out...what a beautiful place it must be to visit and oh the memories!

    Or maybe you two need to create one of your own here in the NW! So many pretty coastal towns and a little shack on the beach would be so fun!


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