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Calling All Lego Lovers

• 28 May 2012

If you have a Lego-loving child in your household, then you will most definitely appreciate these fantastic British birds made entirely from Legos.  Creator Thomas Poulsom contributed them to the Lego CUUSOO site, which is a place where anyone can upload their own Lego projects for public view.  If the project receives more than 10,000 supporters, then there's a good chance Lego will produce the product.  It's like Minted...but for Legos, not paperie!

I am interested in this particular project because it is so different from the usual Lego offerings.  When is the last time you saw such a beautiful and creative reference to nature in Lego form?  (did I just say "beautiful" and "legos" in the same sentence?).  I think my daughter would be more interested in Legos if she saw something like this offered at the toy store.

You can view more images and offer your support for this project here (I was supporter #1213...only 8787 to go!).

via Handmade Charlotte on Pinterest via inhabitots


  1. Those are amazing and we are Lego lovers! Off to see more!

  2. I was number 1278! Thanks for sharing. My girls love legos and we have been looking for an added dose of inspiration...

  3. These are fabulous.... and so much more creative than what is coming out of lego now.

  4. My boys LOVE Lego and these are something that will challenge them and keep the older one interested. Thanks so much for the link!

  5. wow, these are beautiful. I encourage my daughter to love legos as much as i did when i was a child and these birds are incredible.

  6. WHOA! I have always loved LEGOS and this is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  7. What's the secret to registering? I tried several times but never got a confirmation email :-(

    But I do love these little birds.

  8. Okay, this is fabulous! I have often sworn at legos (in the middle of the night, bare foot, while stepping on one...) but they also occupy my boys for hours and some of their creations are pretty great.
    Thanks for sharing this!


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