stephmodo: DIY Packaging: Gussied Up Earrings with Chiyogami

DIY Packaging: Gussied Up Earrings with Chiyogami

• 13 May 2012

Have you ever spotted a cute pair of earrings you wanted to gift a friend, but hesitated purchasing them because the earring card was so tacky?   Well, here is a quick solution to beautify that pretty pair of studs...or dangly earrings...or whatever (really, anything but hoops will do).  Keep in mind you don't have to be "crafty" per se to make good use of this easy DIY.  I don't consider myself particularly crafty (just ask Marie about my spider card at her Halloween crafting event last year!), and I don't enjoy complicated projects.  I promise this is really simple and requires just ten minutes of your time.

All you need are a few supplies...a tiny hole punch (1/8"), a jewelry box with the squishy white padding inside (it actually makes a perfect "bed") and some pretty Japanese Chiyogami paper.  You can find this type of paper on Etsy, Paper Source (probably my favorite source) and on Ebay.  A little ribbon from Joann Fabric (the inexpensive 50-cent rolls are just fine) is a nice touch as well.  

Take your paper and cut it to a size that fits nicely in the jewelry box.  You can tear it for a more textured look or use a paper cutter for clean lines.  I've experimented with craft punches, like the large scallop circle below, and they are a bit hit and miss.  Sometimes the texture of the chiyogami paper makes for a messy cut, but sometimes you do get lucky.  If it's a new punch and still nice and sharp, you'll probably have better luck. 

Next, remove the earrings from the plastic card and place them on top of the paper to get an idea where they will situate best.  No need to measure or anything, just eye it.  Use your 1/8" hole punch to make clean holes in the chiyogami paper and then put the earrings right on through.  Clasp the back to the actual earring as tight as you can so the earrings stay put.  That's it!

If you're looking for a good source for cute, affordable earrings, try the jewelry section in Nordstrom's Brass Plum department.  I recently found several cute styles of earrings for $10 or less.  Some of the styles I like are available online, but you'll definitely find more selection in person.  Vintage earrings would also be fun to repurpose in this way so keep your eyes peeled at your local thrift store, at tag sales or on Etsy as well.  


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  1. What a great idea! It makes even a small present look that much more special. These are so sweet.

  2. Love this idea, how cute...and a great way to use scraps of paper, even fabric!

  3. Amazing! Now I'm fuming with ideas. I just decided I wanted to offer vintage jewlery at the shop and was trying to think of creative ways to stage them.

  4. Amazing! Now I'm fuming with ideas. I just decided I wanted to offer vintage jewlery at the shop and was trying to think of creative ways to stage them.

  5. Fabulous Steph! I love your use of beautiful paper and ribbon!

  6. Mags, thanks for leaving a nice comment. I appreciate it!

    Jennifer, I like where you're going with the fabric idea...

    Erin, you should totally offer vintage jewelry at the shop! When does that open by the way?

    Cristina, thanks! You may find yourself receiving one of these sometime. Although it's tough to beat those owls of yours :) xo

  7. i love this cute idea. a little presentation makes a simple gift so lovely!

  8. Great idea! Do you find the paper is stiff enough? Would you want to back it with cardstock before punching the holes and attaching the earrings? (I can see gluing the paper to cardstock first solving the paper-tearing problem when using a craft punch.)

  9. Corinna, I think your idea of adding cardstock is a great one! Especially if you want the backing to be more sturdy. Here, I like the delicate nature of just the paper, but it wouldn't work in all settings (i.e. an etsy shop or at a craft fair, etc.).


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