Happy Mothering Day

• 13 May 2012

Yesterday I passed a local church with a sign out front indicating that today's sermon was to be on the subject of "mothering".  I started thinking about how I wished today was actually deemed "Mothering Day" instead of "Mother's Day".  Even if someone isn't a biological mother per se, she still has the ability to mother other people who desperately need that kind of influence in their lives.  I know women who are well into their 70's and 80's who mother grown women by sharing their wisdom and building confidence through praise.  I know women who mother their nieces and nephews all Summer long while parents work.  I know women who mother foster children or participate in a Big Brother/Big Sister type program.  I know women who mother little ones in church on Sunday so that parents can attend classes and feel spiritual enlightenment.  You see there are many forms of mothering and they are all needed, appreciated and beautiful.

So Happy Mothering Day to You and Yours!


image by me - love those peonies that are popping up finally!


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