stephmodo: Links to Love: a Favorite Bra, Missing Childhood + Passion Fruit

Links to Love: a Favorite Bra, Missing Childhood + Passion Fruit

• 17 May 2012

Kayce made that fabulous fuchsia chandelier from an Ikea fixture and paper bowls.  No joke!  Tutorial here.

Attention all mothers of girls age 3 - 18...Forever 21 is the best source for cute, inexpensive hair accessories.  Cheaper (and more stylish) than anything at Target, I am thrilled with the discovery. Barrettes for $1, headbands for $2-4, etc.  Hair drama all around has decreased in our household :)

How to Miss a Childhood -  This article made me think about my phone habits and how I need to change a few things.  If you're a mother, you really need to read this article.  I'm so glad I did.

An edited list of my favorite dessert recipes with passion fruit - one of my favorite ingredients ever.

I love Lesley's Tinkerbell Fairy Princess Party - I know more than one gal who would love a similar party!  I'm particularly keen on her ingenious "balloons".

Last, but not least, my new favorite bra - after nursing 4 kiddos this bra is a miracle (I bought it in white and use the white straps).  I love it!  What's your favorite?  I need to stock up on a few more...

image 1 - Lesley Colvin / Kensington Blue Photography  |   image 2 - me  |  image 3 - Kayce Hughes


  1. Children have fun :) easy design. Hello!

  2. The link to the bra doesn't work! It just goes to the VS homepage... I would LOVE to know what bra it is as I am also still trying to find the perfect one after nursing. Thank you! And I love the Fairy Princess bday link... Ideas for next years party! thanks for sharing!

  3. I love that article How to Miss a Childhood too! I just referenced it on my blog a couple days ago :). I too would love you to know the bra you like, but the link goes to the homepage.

  4. Bra's, yes. I love love anything by Chantelle at Nordstrom. They are the MOST comfortable, and really durable. I'm not one to own lots of them, so durability is important:)

  5. Ladies, link updated. Should work now. VS makes it a little tricky to link to individual product. Anyway, it should be good now! Thanks for the heads up!

  6. wow. that piece on missing your child's childhood... that is me, except not with a phone. :(

  7. Thanks for the shout-out. The balloon idea is one of the only truly creative ideas I've ever had, so the fact that you recognized it surely makes me feel so special. Thank you so much!

    And I totally agree about H&M. I even find that their adult-sized headbands fit my 4 year-old really well, and their styles come without all the icky blah you sometimes have to cut through with kids stuff. Just plain, classy, and simple.

    I'm loving these links! Keep them coming, pretty please.

  8. read that article a couple weeks ago and it REALLY changed my thoughts on phone usage! so great.
    need that bra!

  9. i need to check out the passion fruit recipes. thanks so much for sharing! have a great weekend!

  10. The link to the Hands Free Mama article doesn't seem to be working now:(
    I wanted to print this so hopefully it will reappear soon!

  11. Karen, I'm not sure what's happening with the link, but it should work now. Please check again. I'm not sure if it's a blogger issue or what, but there have been a few linkage issues with this post. Anyway, give it another go. Thanks!

  12. Loving this post for many reasons! One: I've been trying to figure out what to do with that bottle of passion fruit puree I brought back from Kauai a year ago - now I'm set. Thanks.

  13. Any chance you could type the name of the bra since the link wont work. After nursing five kids, I can use all the help i can get!

  14. Alison, you are lucky to have that bottle...enjoy!

    Ella, I keep trying to fix the link but VS is causing trouble :) It's the Multiway bra by Victoria Secret. I love it. The associate didn't recommend it for everyday use, but it fits so well that it's hard not to...


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