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The Tooth Fairy

• 16 May 2012

I don't know what it is about our location, but typically the tooth fairy is late to arrive.  She is always getting caught in a storm in the Midwest and often arrives 1-2 days after the tooth is lost.  I've gently suggested she set an alarm on her phone for 11 p.m. next time and am hoping that does the trick (pending no storms of course).  Does this happen to any of you?  :)

In preparation for her next, highly-anticipated arrival, I am currently in the market for a tooth fairy pillow for my oldest son.  He's recently had to borrow his sisters matryoshka tooth fairy pillow and this wasn't his favorite.  I decided to take a peek at some Etsyfare and thankfully found a handful of great options after much searching; in fact, I sifted through almost one hundred pages of product!  I hope these recommendations save you a good chunk of time.

tiny tooth box  |  tooth fairy kit  |  knit oeuf pillow  |  linen tooth fairy pillow with ticking 

wooden tooth fairy box  |  tiny tooth box (image 2/2)  |  cross-stitched tooth fairy case

a couple girly options I couldn't help but slip in:

swallow tooth fairy pillow | linen tooth fairy pillow with monogram

update: for more great tooth fairy tips and stories, read Brook's post on the matter.  


  1. same boat! the alarm is now set for me to make sure the tooth fairy has arrived :)

  2. I ordered these two custom-designed tooth fairy pillows from the etsy shop Too Cute Sew Clever:

    My niece and nephew LOVE them. The shop owner will make a pillow with the theme and colors of your choosing.

  3. Cute! When my daughter lost her very first lost tooth I forgot about it. Around 6am she woke up in horror that her tooth was still there and in my sleep deprived state I said, "I bet she ran out of gas!" I then had to explain that the toothfairy has a toothfairy car because can you imagine how heavy all those teeth would be to carry around?"

  4. my nephew has been losing teeth left and right. i'm hoping his tooth fairy pillow is as cute as these or i'll have to get him one!

  5. Did you see the suggestions for delays over on Inchmark? Hilarious!

  6. Did you see the suggestions for delays over on Inchmark? Hilarious!

  7. Joanie, thank you for the reminder!


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