stephmodo: Links to Love: French Cafe Chairs + a Well-Executed Pirate Party

Links to Love: French Cafe Chairs + a Well-Executed Pirate Party

• 31 May 2012

I am so glad Friday is here...I actually woke up on Wednesday and thought it was Friday.  I laughed at myself when I realized it was only Wednesday.  Ha!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend, whether it's productive, fun, chillin' or a mix of all three.

Here are a few links I think you'll love and appreciate:

French lace-ups for boys.  Are you diggin' those orange lace like I am?  Currently I buy most of my kids shoes at Target, but I'm starting to wonder if this is a good strategy.  True, they are cheap; but they also don't last and can't be repaired at the cobbler like nice, leather shoes.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter!

An adorable pirate party with a real, buried treasure hunt.  Seriously...her husband buried a treasure box!

I joined Instagram a couple of weeks ago and am loving it!  Why did I not sign up earlier, I ask myself.

Aven Giveaway winner announced...was it you?

I love these French cafe chairs and tables by happy to see them available in the US (here and here).  We have a couple of similar sets at La Maisonnette outside in the garden (one is vintage and one new) and love them.  If you have a little patio or breakfast nook, these would look darling.  And look at all those colors...

Have you seen the newly launched Creativebug?  If you're a DIY'er, you need to take a peek.  There are lots of well-known "crafters" you'll want to learn from.



  1. I have done the expensive real kid shoe thing & the Target shoe method. And, as much as I love the real shoes, my kids don't. I've actually ordered "red sparkly shoes" and wellies in multiple sizes & had family bring them to England during visits...and then had other parents ask, "Where did you get those?"

  2. One of the orthopods that I work with HATES expensive kid shoes. He sees a lot of kids come in for foot problems which are caused by them wearing shoes that are too small because their parents want to "get their money's worth out of the expensive shoes". He says buy cheap and buy new ones as frequently as your kids' quickly growing feet need it.

  3. Alrighty...I totally feel justified in my Target purchases :) Off to check out their site now! Ha!

    Kayce, maybe I"ll just add orange laces :)

  4. I bought my kids' shoes at Target and Payless until recently. Now that their feet aren't growing as fast I buy their running shoes at Famous Footwear. We've bought a variety of brands and they all last longer than the cheaper ones. And when I buy at their buy one get one half price plus use the 20% off full purchase coupon, it usually costs about the same. I buy them each two pairs and they last the full year versus ending up buying four pairs throughout the year.

    But my daughters ballet flats, sandals, and other shoes I usually buy at Target since she's not as hard on those as she is running shoes. And same goes for my son.

  5. I buy most of my kids' shoes at Target and other inexpensive places, mainly because their feet grow so quickly and they really don't wear out before my kids' feet get bigger.

  6. I love cafe many restaurants kind of miss the great opportunity for design when they don't get great chairs. And often so many options are not all that expensive. I loved the site you linked...although I wanted to pin a few and it would not allow. I must try again. Love those boots with orange laces. I bought both my kids Clarks desert boots and a bunch of laces in different colors. My son (13) will never wear bright laces but my daughter (17) loves them. I always go with more expensive when it comes to shoes. My son was wearing Vans one time at a doctor appt and and I got a scolding! We ordered a pair of Nike Frees on the way home on my iphone.

  7. I've been out of town and am just catching up on your blog. How unexpected to see my party in your links! Thanks for the mention!

  8. Love the chairs!The color is fantastic!Looks so fresh!I love my girl with bright color clothes!


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