stephmodo: Behind the Scenes with Geronimo Balloons

Behind the Scenes with Geronimo Balloons

• 04 June 2012

A couple days ago, my friend Jihan Zencirli (creator of the wildly gorgeous Geronimo Balloons), pulled into Seattle for a whirlwind business trip.  I thought it would be fun to snap a few pictures of her setting up out on the street as she prepped for a pop up shop at Seattle's Object (more on this fabulous boutique in a couple of days).  Plus, the little outing gave me an excuse to don a pair of heels mid-afternoon...can't remember the last time I did that!  Since the whole process was such a visual treat, I wanted to share a handful of snippets of the chief balloon trooper creating the magic she is now known for~

I've been so impressed with how Jihan has built her business--she's worked so hard to make this happen and I've enjoyed every minute of her success.  Watching anyone, especially a friend, make their dreams happen is absolutely wonderful.  I think this is particularly inspiring and uplifting when it's a creative endeavor.  Here's to making your dreams happen too!  

Oh, and if you're wondering who Jihan's handsome friend is, his name is Andy and he is the creator behind Seattle-based Whitcomb & Company--a handcrafted furniture line with a warm, industrial spirit.

The making of a Geronimo balloon certainly turned a few heads on the street.  We could use a little more cheeriness out and about lately here in Seattle and what better way than with these helium head turners!

More colorful, fancy, make-you-happy-in-a-second frill and a mini balloon trooper in the making.

And then it was time to pick up the older kids at school...back to real life! :)


  1. how fun! oh how I'd love a chance to hold one of her balloons!!

  2. Thank you for introducing me to Geronimo! So so amazing! I'd love to have my next baby shower in a park with nothing but HUGE balloons!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. So sad I missed seeing her this visit, so I love these "behind the scenes" in action shots, Steph! :) (Total perfection? Jihan's neon bag matching the frill :)

  4. i have also loved watching jihan make it big. she deserves every ounce of success she gets. loved this behind-the-scenes look at all her hard work! that one with her and your daughter was too adorable! and good job for slapping on those sexy high heels!

  5. Brooke, I hope you get the chance too. They are instant cheer.

    Emily, that sounds like the perfect baby shower. Do it!

    Jenny, I'm glad you like them! And yes, the matching bag...she really thinks of everything.

    Martha, I so agree with you.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful time!Looks so fun!

  7. I recently saw a party that featured one of these. I am so excited to have one for my own birthday in October. There are genius!

  8. I've been reading your blog for a while and had all but forgotten that the way I came upon it was through Jihan! I'm so proud of her and though I know you all miss her up there, I am sure glad to have her down by me these days! :) Really lovely pictures.

  9. Arrgghhh! I'm only a year behind all this lovely goodness but I'll be subscribing to your blog right this minute so I don't miss anything else!


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