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Names for a Boy

• 08 May 2012

Naming our fourth child, a baby boy, was an arduous process.  You would think, that after naming 3 other children, we would be considered experts by some at this baby-naming business.  In fact, we were in far worse shape than many first-time parents, who usually have names picked out just after the 5-month ultrasound, or at the very least by the time they entered the hospital to give birth!  In retrospect, we probably waited until the last minute because we were so heavily focused on surviving the pregnancy.  But in any case, it made for some serious panic!

When it came to looking for a name, we went about it the usual way.  We hit a large bookstore and perused every baby name book on the shelf.  We looked online at various websites.  We even looked at family geneology charts trying to find something that felt right to both of us; but alas we came up dry on all accounts.  If I liked a name, he didn't.  If he liked a name, I didn't.  And so on and so forth.

Finally, in a stroke of brilliance, my husband suggested I write a post asking you all to help us choose a name.  Boy, were there a lot of suggestions (in fact, we chose one of them!).  In order to help those of you struggling to name your baby boy, I've organized all of the reader suggestions here--all 100 of them.  This is truly an incredible list.  Well done, my friends!

Top Names for a Boy

1.  Oliver
2.  Henry
3.  James
4.  Luke
5.  Finn
6.  Jack
7.  Benjamin
8.  Grant
9.  Gabriel
10.  Owen
11.  Asher
12.  Lucas
13.  August
14.  Elliott
15.  Mason
16.  Max
17.  Nathan
18.  Peter
19.  Charlie
20.  Emmett
21.  Gus
22.  Jasper
23.  Levi
24.  Liam
25.  Noah
26.  Thomas
27.  Aiden
28.  Alexander
29.  Andrew
30.  Charles
31.  Christopher
32.  Cooper
33.  Daniel
34.  Elias
35.  Ethan
36.  George
37.  Graham
38.  Grayson
39.  Harper
40.  Isaac
41.  Jude
42.  Julian
43.  Logan
44.  Micah
45.  Miles
46.  Milo
47.  Oscar
48.  Parker
49.  Quinn
50.  Ryan
51.  Samuel
52.  William
53.  Aaron
54.  Abraham
55.  Adam
56.  Adrian
57.  Anders
58.  Archie
59.  Caleb
60.  Calvin
61.  Cole
62.  Colin
63.  Dexter
64.  Edward
65.  Gavin
66.  Gray* :)
67.  Harrison
68.  Hayden
69.  Henri
70.  Hudson
71.  Hugo
72.  Hunter
73.  Ian
74.  Jackson
75.  Jacob
76.  Jake
77.  Jeremiah
78.  Joshua
79.  Keaton
80.  Kellan
81.  Landon
82.  Leo
83.  Lincoln
84.  Michael
85.  Myles (different spelling of "Miles")
86.  Patrick
87.  Paul
88.  Phineas
89.  Roman
90.  Simon
91.  Stefan
92.  Stephen
93.  Stuart
94.  Tanner
95.  Van
96.  Wesley
97.  Zachary
98.  Aidan
99.  Aksel
100.  Alistair

all images by Rebecca Mudrick Photography


  1. What a comprehensive list - I love that it has traditional and modern names. We have 2 girls and if a boy is in the cards the third time around then I'll definitely refer to this list!

  2. I am so sad there is not a girls list too! Thanks for the post!

  3. perfect! my best friend is having twin boys. nothing's harder than picking a boy's name... except picking TWO!

  4. Boy names are so much harder than girls, aren't they? This is a fabulous list. Loved seeing my boys represented too - #17 and 53!

  5. Great list! Of course, both my boys names are on it! I'm going to book mark this for sure!

  6. I think you need to create a list for girls now. #3 is likely our 3rd girl... I get the sweats trying to think of a name.

  7. So glad you posted this.. we're having our 4th child in July and have been totally stumped on names. Boys are so hard to name!

  8. heres some more..
    Alec (my sons name)
    Beau (or Bo)
    Those are some of my favorites :)

  9. I have to name my fourth boy in two weeks. Needless to say, this list came at the perfect time!! Thanks!

  10. I have to name my fourth boy in two weeks. Needless to say, this list came at the perfect time!! Thanks!

  11. Glad it's of use to some of you...happy to help you through what we thought was such a difficult proces. Girls names are so much easier :)

  12. Oh, how sweet of you to print this list (and of your readers for supplying it!). We have a little girl due next month, and picking a name has been no end of trouble, because my husband's 13yo daughter had strong objections to the one name we both liked best, and we wanted her to be involved. For a boy, we had a name all picked out and ready. If only you'd had a list of girls' names, too.

  13. I have a #49 and #1 and our 4th (a boy) is due in September. I think we have a name in mind, but neither one are on the list. But this list will be handy -- we, too, don't really decide until the last possible moment!

  14. Love this list! My sons names are on here (#7 & 8)! They are 18m and almost 11 weeks. My husband hated the name Jack but I fought for it and won :-). Now he loves it and it suits our son perfectly. Ben was an easy fit after that (though it started off as something I can't even remember right this moment).

  15. stephanie....i'm due with my first girl in a few weeks (after 4 boys). could you ask your readers for girl name suggestions? we are totally stuck. i'd love to see what they say.....

  16. I too agree with all the others, what a great list! I often times day dream about children's names....

    My boys are #7 (Benjamin) and #8 (Grant). Our first boy we already had picked out...for our second we had one picked out too, but when he was born decided on Grant instead because it just fit him better. We used to have make an effort to keep Benjamin's name as Benjamin, {not Ben} but now at just 2 1/2 he corrects people himself!

  17. This really is an amazing list, with a good mix of traditional and modern names....thank you so much for compiling it for us! I had to pin it, just in case we have a boy again down the road.

    We are expecting our first girl in two months and like the other commenter are totally stuck as far as names go. I would LOVE to hear what all your readers favorite girl names are. These readers obviously have good taste!

  18. Too funny...our top 2 boy names were Oliver and Henry. We went with Oliver and it was a perfect fit. ;)

  19. Most of these names are weird

  20. great list - boy names seem hard for sure! we went with Teddy - and then had to elongate it to Theodore for his birth certificate, but we only call him Teddy!

  21. also... congratulations on your fourth! that is amazing! what name did you choose!? i will have to continue perusing your lovely blog to find out! ^__^

  22. I am having a fourth child as well also my first boy.... i like mostly unconventional names... i love Kenobi.... my husband isn't going for it though... sigh!

  23. Neither of my boys are here? Matthew and Reece

  24. I have a Henry and an Emmett, so I'm biased ;) (btw, no one spells Emmett right the first time)

  25. My boyfriends name is Grey and I have to admit it definitely added some appeal when we first met. I love how different it is. However, be warned, everyone the first time they meet a Grey/Gray will call them Greg until you correct them.


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