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Apricots and Unplugging

• 05 July 2012

Perhaps you've noticed a bit of radio silence this week on my blog.  Well, there are some good reasons for that!  First, I'm on a working vacation with my family; second, internet access has been intermittent. Last, I'm making a conscious effort to fill my days with just living--not blogging, planning projects, taking photos or making anything in the kitchen.  I am in total relaxation/unplugged mode and it feels great to regroup and simply enjoy the company of good friends and family.  Sometimes it's easy to always be thinking about what's next instead of fully enjoying the present; but, I guess you could say I am trying to do more of the latter...

Part of this regrouping is simply enjoying my environment and being more observant of the beauty that naturally surrounds us.  This week I've noticed apricot trees brimming with fruit in more than one friend's backyard.  What a beautiful sight it is!  I feel my eyes widen as I observe the massive amounts of fruit that just one tree offers.  We feel lucky to be able to bring some fresh apricots back to Seattle  and I'm really excited about trying my hand at homemade apricot jam as well as making this delicious spiced apricot crisp.  In fact, it's my favorite way to use apricots to date.

I hope you enjoy a fantastic weekend and somehow manage to fill it with something delicious, whether that's apricots or anything else you pick off a tree or find at a farmers market.  I'll see you back here on Monday!

images by me


  1. I'll try to be timely, and I really love something beautiful summer or even when withered gladiolus))

  2. Oh my goodness, those apricots are glorious! In the midst of winter here in Australia, they look like a little piece of summer sunshine. Enjoy your unplugged freedom.

  3. Know that you are missed. I do understand about the unplugging. Enjoy the warm sunshine we have all waited so long for. Summer here is glorious once it arrives. We have waitedfar too long.

  4. yum it looks delish! hope you have a fabulous weekend, darling!

    caroline @ patagonia gifts and jewelry

  5. Hooray for you! Glad all is well, very well! Apricots are beautiful.

  6. this is beautiful! Enjoy your holiday :)


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