stephmodo: Enhancing Farmer's Market Fare

Enhancing Farmer's Market Fare

• 09 July 2012

A couple of days ago our family stopped by the Salt Lake City Farmer's Market to pick up a few things to make for dinner that evening.  I'd promised my in-laws a vegetarian farm-to-table meal and was excited to see what I could find.  I made no plans for a menu prior to stopping by and decided to leave room for inspiration.  If you haven't visited the farmer's market in downtown SLC, it's a good one to put on the docket.  It's large, easy-to-navigate, diverse in product offerings and reasonably priced.  They even accept food stamps, which I think is a fantastic idea.  

After filling my bags with herbs, vegetables, and cherries, I headed home to start piecing the meal together.  Since my in-laws just returned from a three-year religious mission in the Netherlands, their cupboards were pretty bare.  I decided to keep things super simple by using two basic ingredients--good olive oil and good sea salt--to enhance the produce I picked up that day.  My favorite sea salt is "sel gris", French gray sea salt.  It isn't as fancy as fleur de sel (which I also love), but it's packed with flavor.  I've shared it with many friends and have them all addicted to it now as well!  As we sat down to eat our dinner together (al fresco since it was a gorgeous evening), I was reminded that it really just takes a couple of good ingredients in the pantry to boost a meal. 

I know many of you are enjoying your local farmer's market right now as well.  What do you like to make with the produce you pick up?  How do you keep things simple and delicious?  I'd love to know... 

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  1. Lovely photos, Stephanie. I'm waiting for the currants on my bush to get that color. I love the bright red...and they are so delightfully tart in salads.

  2. I love seeing this!
    I am growing and making so much to sell at our farmers market. I hope to be able to start next weekend.
    I worked yesterday afternoon on my Herbal Salts. It's a special blend of all sorts of herbs I've grown and kosher salt packed in pretty little jars.
    Here's to hoping others like you will like what I have!
    Your images are wonderful.

  3. Gorgeous post, Steph. I love it. Does this mean you're here and going to Evo? (Please say yes.)

  4. I love the quick and easy Zuni Cafe zucchini pickles. (Easy to find on the web.)

    Grill bread. Serve with grilled (or) veggies and fresh goat or ricotta cheese. Drizzle with olive oil. Top with fresh herbs and your favorite sea salt. You can do a sweet version too for dessert.

    Have you seen the new "Sunset Edible Garden Cookbook"? It's beautiful and full of great recipes. It's perfect for the home gardener but also anyone who loves working with fresh seasonal ingredients.
    Amazon link:

  5. above should say (or raw) after grilled. oops.

  6. Hello, my dear!
    I love you!)

  7. tonight I'm making tacos with fresh corn and lettuce from the farmers market. It feels so good to shop locally and have most of the food on your table come from farmers close by.

  8. We've been on a huge kick of just roasting them in the oven with olive oil and sea salt. The carrots and asparagus at the farmer's markets are so delish right now! It's finally getting hot around here--so without a place to put an outdoor grill I'll have to figure out what to do:)

  9. Inspiring them. I'm considering each and every one and will definitely try them in my kitchen asap. Thank you!

    Lindsay, I am not attending Evo :( I hope you have a great time. It's a fun conference.

  10. I would have loved to run into you! We try to go every week.


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