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Summertime in Utah

• 10 July 2012

In my opinion, the best time to visit Utah is during the summertime.  The hot dry heat mixed with the warm breezes through the canyons make for a tantalizing experience.  I've been eating breakfast and dinner outside on my in-laws' patio each day and it's been the most relaxing experience.  There is something about starting and completing one's day in silence (with the exception of a soft breeze and birds chirping), that is good for the soul.  

It's hot and dry in Utah right now (have you heard about the wildfires on the news?), but it's still beautiful despite the drought.

A view I never tire of...these happy horses grazing and galloping in this picturesque field.  I pray this land is never developed as the scene is quite idyllic.

One of the highlights of our trip has been spending time with our dear friend Stan and his wife.  He is fighting a tough battle with cancer (and shocking his doctors along the way!) and we are really proud of how strong he's been throughout the experience.  Stan is a great example of enduring life's challenges well and I think of his attitude and level of commitment often.  We consider every moment with him a treasure.

The kids are enjoying the occasional jaunt in a friend's pool--such a treat for any Seattlite!  Speaking of which, my kids are also saying things this week like, "it's too sunny here".  I just laugh every time...they never ever complained when we lived here or anywhere else sunny for that matter!  Pretty funny how just 2 years in a mostly-overcast city can have such an affect on a child's perception.  Me, I'm eating all the vitamin D up, up, up.  I'm sitting myself in the sun and just letting the rays shine all over me.  If you saw how white my legs were right now, you'd sit me down in the sun too!


  1. Summer in Utah is wonderful. I have family there and spent lots of summertime there when I was little. There's something about the dry heat and smell of junipers lining the sidewalk while the sprinkler sprays on them that is engrained in my brain forever and ever.

  2. Summer in Utah does sound great. We are right now in Missoula visiting family. It is a bit warm here ,aking us long for the 70's right now in western Washington. We will be back home soon enough! Have fun!

  3. I spent all of my summers as a child in southern Utah and have so many fond memories of it. Thanks for conjuring up a few for me!

  4. Kids are so funny. We went to SLC for a family reunion last week, and as we walked out of the airport into the pleasant 88° evening, our oldest said, "Why is it so hot here??" Poor little Oregon children!

  5. Looks like the Heber Valley to me...Love love love the light up there. :)

  6. I grew up across the street from Stan and Diane - they are both such incredible souls. Glad to see he's still fighting strong. Love them.

  7. I think Utah is one of the most beautiful states in the country..totally underrated, or maybe undiscovered. It's a wonderful place to unwind and reconnect, lucky you!


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