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Raspberries in Twenty

• 17 July 2012

Last summer was our first in the Pacific Northwest; and while it lasted a mere 7 weeks, I relished it as much as I could.  I was hungry for sunshine, starving in fact, and I spent a lot of time in the berry fields gathering as much nourishment for my body and soul as possible.  I hoped for the same type of experience this summer, but I am starting to worry.

We arrived home from SLC late Saturday night and awoke to gray skies and a light mist on Sunday morning.  I was deflated, but willing to give it a few hours.  I remember living in San Francisco and experiencing foggy mornings and glorious afternoons.  I couldn't help but have the same hopes for our current city as well.  One cannot give up hope...

The next day, Monday, was off to a good start.  As my kids bobbed in the water during swim lessons, I laid back in a chair for a minute or two and just took in the rays of sunshine warming my face.  Oh my how it felt good.  I will never, ever take the blessed sunshine for granted again!

After feeding my kids lunch, I realized we were a bit behind schedule and I was losing my window for naps.  Since it was bright and sunny outside, I decided a spontaneous trip to procure berries was in order.  The kids shouted with glee over the news they were getting out of quiet/naptime and off they went to don their grubbies.  With no time to do research on the best berry farm, etc., I piled the kids in the car and headed one hour north to the only farm with which I was familiar.

We knew the patch closed at 4 and since it was 3:15, we quickly walked towards the barn only to be greeted by someone who said it was too late to berry pick.  After speaking with the manager for a minute and explaining how far we drove, she allowed us to pick only raspberries and gave us a twenty minute time limit.  I set the timer on my phone and dashed into the fields with 4 anxious pickers.  Oh man, I couldn't believe we only had twenty minutes (two hours of driving for 20 minutes of picking doesn't seem like the most economical or advantageous ratio!).  You should've seen us picking those berries.  No time to eat, savor, soak in the heat, wander through the aisles looking for the best bushes or take a trolley ride per usual.  We just filled our baskets as quickly as possible and dreamt of all the wonderful things to be made with our large, ripe, raspberries. 

Somehow we managed to procure 11 pounds of raspberries in just twenty minutes!  It was a miracle and we left feeling satisfied and happy.  We ended the day with homemade pancakes for dinner and early bedtimes.  A good day indeed!


  1. Dear Stephanie,

    thank you so much for such a nice piece of writing I have enjoyed - as always. I am so glad, that even I live on a different continent that I can relate to so many things you have described, as they seem universal, ie. the nap time - as a mother I can very much relate, the longing for sun rays...
    Thank you and have a nice day. Veronika

  2. While my boys are now teenagers, I vividly remember these days. I would have done just as you did, and declared it a good day indeed!

  3. I've always wanted to live in Seattle, but hearing about the lack of sun worries me a little. Coming from Dallas, I might welcome some cooler, less-sunny days. I love your blog - always so refreshing.

  4. lovely, some of my best memories as a child and now with my own children are picking apples/strawberries/blueberries. We haven't done raspberries yet and I bet it's a lot cheaper than paying outrageous prices for a half pint!

  5. Veronika, thank you for the note...I'm glad you can relate!

    Kathy, I cannot imagine my kids as The time flies, yes?

    Anon, the lack of sun worries me too...and I live here :)

    Dervla, it is so much cheaper. I cannot wait to make jam tonight!

  6. Just remember, without the rain you wouldn't have the green ;) But I understand. I grew up in the Northwest and I didn't realize how much it rains until I moved away. . .

  7. oh yay, this looks gorgeous and Im so happy to know there are nice farms to pick berries in Utah for when we move back there...we are in New England right now so I have gotten used to it.

  8. so awesome! i can just see you all dashing around as fast as possible. 11 pounds in 20 minutes! nice works! you should definitely share with us what you make using them. can't wait!

  9. Life is Good: so true. There are always trade offs and this is true in all aspects of life. You give up something in favor of another. No one or nothing has it all, right?

    Lindsay, we are actually in Seattle, not Utah. But I know there are farms up north in Kaysville and such. Good luck!

    Martha, I will definitely share soon!

  10. ha! took us two hours to pick the same amount of raspberries and strawberries, but then again, i spent alot of time eating berries and taking photos! nice photos, very similar to what we have here in france!


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