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Links to Love: Creative Balance, Self-Esteem + Relationships

• 31 August 2012

Another weekend ahead...are you excited?  I hope it is a good one for you.  This weekend we are packing up our home and moving to another one fairly close by.  We are up to our ears in boxes and bubble wrap over here, but I am trying to work through it all by purging as I pack.  In fact, I've already sent 7 bags to the DI this week (DI = local thrift store).  It feels so good and now that I have some momentum, I am feeling more excited about packing vs. dreading the whole gig.  This will mark 13 moves for us in our 13 years of marriage, can you believe it?  

So this week I want to share with you some interesting reads...

First, I am in love with Danyelle's simple, understated-but-thoughtful nautical-themed baby shower for Randi of Swoon Studio.  Just darling.  I had such a nice moment pouring over her photos. 

This article about how a child's relationship with his/her father affects self-esteem is so fascinating and insightful.

Loved the tips on enhancing and maximizing creativity, as well as making the most of your work day.  ViHow About Orange.

This post over at A Blog About Love regarding depression and whether or not it's possible to find happiness when struggling with a chemical imbalance.  Heartfelt and honest.

I love Justin, his wife Amy, and the beautiful things they create together--including his 30 Strangers Project.  This four-minute film endears me even more.

image via Alain Delorme Photography


  1. Aww, Stephanie, we love YOU! We're so happy with how this little film turned out--thanks for sharing it.

    Also, I love Danyelle, and How About Orange, and A Blog About Love AND that top image...all those chairs!

    Good luck with your move, friend!

  2. Well it was great to read that you are shifting your home...I am sure you are learning lot of things from your this experience...wishing you all the best in your near future..


  3. Good luck with your move, Steph! 13 moves in 13 years?! You must have it all down to a system now. I'm so impresesed that you're looking forward to it rather than dreading it. A good lesson to us all. :)

  4. Wow, 13 moves in 13 years...that just made me pause and count the moves we've made in 25 years of marriage. 14 and I thought that was a lot...some have been cross country, some just a mile away...either way, it can be difficult, but rewarding as well. You must be very organized!!

  5. Well just an another awesome photo really...I like your blog for so many great reasons and one of them is your creative and much telling photo just made me feel so good now...thanks!!

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