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How to Use Wallpaper to Decorate a Child's Bedroom

• 05 September 2012

Truly, one of the greatest blessings of blogging and of the internet is the chance to connect with people you wouldn't otherwise "meet" in your real life; most likely because you don't live in the same place or your paths don't cross on a day-to-day basis.  Therefore, when Meta of One More Mushroom contacted me recently, I was really excited.  You see, Meta and I used to work at the same museum in college and I always admired her positive disposition, willingness to include everyone, and the way she expressed her talents.  Thirteen years later and I am still in awe.  

Meta recently started a blog called One More Mushroom (I love that we share a thing for toadstools :), which features her writing projects, whimsical + Scandinavian-inspired home-design and also tidbits about her family and e-design consulting business (p.s. if you are looking for someone to share advice about revamping your child's space, consider dropping Meta a line).  Take one look at one of her recent posts and you'll be dying over her bathroom...I was!  One More Mushroom is a beautiful blog and I hope you take a moment to pop over.  In the meantime, today she would like to share a guest post with you about how to use wallpaper to decorate your child's bedroom.  Coincidentally, I've been thinking about this very thing for the past 2 weeks.  I'm seriously contemplating a wallpapered accent wall in my girl's bedroom, so I'm looking forward to a few tips from Meta.  

She says:

"Wallpaper is a great way to add pattern and color in your child's room.  There are so many options to choose and fun ways to decorate with wallpaper.  Here are four tips on how to decorate with wallpaper in a child's bedroom...". 

1.  Think of and incorporate the child's interests and personality when choosing a wallpaper.  For example, my son Henrik loves pirates, vikings and ships.  I knew he would love this nautical map wallpaper for his bedroom. 

2.  Pick a wallpaper that the child can grow into.  For example, in my daughter Maja's room we had wallpapered and used the room as a family room before it was her nursery.  The wallpaper we chose is whimsical but not childish.  

3.  Think outside the box and try something different with wallpaper.  For example, use a small piece as a headboard, line a closet, or wallpaper the ceiling!  

4.  Use wallpaper as a wall decal.  If wallpapering an entire room feels too permanent or too overwhelming hang a World Map, a tree, or an animal out of wallpaper

Meta, thank you so much for sharing your great ideas!  I'm inspired to take on a wallpaper project, just as soon as I unpack these boxes...


  1. Such great tips, I especially like the idea of papering on the ceiling! Cheers from London! Will

  2. The post is speaking to me...more like shouting! In a good way...I have never wallpapered and recently I've been thinking it's just what the end wall in my attic guest space needs. The space is all white walls and white painted floors...a little color at the end of the space is just what it needs. I think I've always been opposed to it because of the wallpaper we've had to remove over the years. Our current house is 112 years old and had layers and layers...I love these examples...the ceiling is a great idea too!

  3. I love this new blog! She has great taste. I found her blog a couple weeks ago, and funny enough, asked her if I could send her info to YOU for a house tour:) I am sure her entire place is fabulous. She then told me how she knew you from college and had already been in contact with you about it!

    I wish we weren't renting so I could wallpaper up a storm!!

  4. Thank you for introducing me to yet another beautiful blog! I love her style! I am a huge fan of wallpaper right now. I recently saw this wall FABRIC installation and was hooked - seems simple?!

  5. Wow!! It was mindblowing tips to decorate wallpaper in childs bedroom.It was awesome,I really enjoy it and surely i'll try it..Thanks for sharing.
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