stephmodo: Day 3: A Walnut Grove, Pretty Aprons + the Grange

Day 3: A Walnut Grove, Pretty Aprons + the Grange

• 12 October 2012

The third day.  One full of haziness and overcast skies--truly the ideal backdrop for a food styling workshop, yes?  Instead of mourning the full sun and eighty-degree weather we experienced last year, we embraced the weather for what it was and found joy in never really knowing what to expect.  C'est la vie! 

Two very lovely etsy shops, Sew a Fine Seam and The Apron Society graciously provided absolutely gorgeous aprons for the workshop guests to use while cooking and photographing.  Since I always wear an apron when cooking or baking (and even sometimes just putzing around the house working on little projects), I am thrilled with the discoveries.  They looked amazing. 

Three pretties--autumn apples, vintage tape details and an espalier rose bush stretching up one side of the manoir.  Couldn't get enough of 'em.

Les boules

Have you ever tried photographing delicious food when hungry?  Not a good combo :)  #torture
Also, pretty details on this ivory, linen apron.  It certainly emanates that European simplicity I have come to appreciate.   

Aran happily taking a turn on the other side of the camera...

Exquisite balsamic vinegar from St. Helena Olive Oil Co set the stage for the simply elegant farm-to-table picnic Nadia created in the manoir's grange.  Such a treat to enjoy with fresh greens.

Next last post on the Food Styling and Photography Workshop with Aran Goyoaga in France.  And then we will move right back into real life :)

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All aprons pictured here are handmade by Swiss-based The Apron Society, Jill Flory of Sew a Fine Seam and Debbie's Porch


  1. so beautiful. how i loved the aprons, oils and such so generous and beautiful, they made everyone so happy. thank you for posting this stephanie, so nice to see.

  2. Ooooh, les boules! One of my favorite things when we visit France each summer is hearing the clinking of the petanque balls as the men (and some women) play all afternoon. Oh, and of course the pastis apero that follows a good game!

    Profitez bien!

  3. Mmm I adore balsamic vinegar. And I find that sometimes, I have to settle with taking photos of half eaten food, because it sometimes just cannot wait!

  4. so beautiful and inspiring pictures, thanks for sharing..!

  5. I love seeing my aprons on people - gives me an idea what more I need to do with the pattern. I think I'm liking it without the ruffle best! The ruffle was what my first client wanted added but I really like the ribbon detail and the strings that are long enough to tie in front and then no ruffle. I have belgian linen being shipped to me right now and I want to make one out of that to market!

  6. Oh Stephanie, your pictures are absolutely fabulous!!! I'm getting a kick out of seeing everyone's pictures. We all have different views, it makes it just that much cooler. I already have pangs to go back.

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