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Jouets en Bois: Top 5 Favorite Wooden Toys

• 09 October 2012

A few years ago my sister and I were discussing the subject of "toys" over the phone--how many do kids really need?  how to keep them tidy? (is this even possible?), etc.  She went on to joke that maybe if her kids played with pretty, wooden toys (versus the plastic, noise-making ones), that she wouldn't mind if they were left all over the house.  I thought it a sound suggestion and made a mental note to focus a little more on quality toys that would survive my monthly run to the local thrift store drop off.  And while my children will probably always be more attracted to the obnoxious toys (which is totally fine!), I figure I can still provide a handful of heirloom quality toys they won't have to ever put away :)

Here are my Top 5 "jouets en bois", or wooden toys.  You can't go wrong with any of them in my book!

1.  Janod Fox in Natural Wood (also here)  |  2.  Manhattan Toy Classic Baby Beads (also here)

3.  Ikea Walker in Blue  |  4.  Vilac Fire Department Helicopter (also here)  |  5.  Ready Set Go Car (also here)

image above of Gray's new fox...if only I saved the clever packaging to share with you...


  1. here are a few of my favorites...i keep these out on a shelf and they are played with all the time!

    1.) automoblox
    2.) Tegu magnetic blocks
    3.) Anamalz (Posable Wooden Animals)

  2. I love how timeless wooden toys can be. Along with the look of wooden toys, I love the look of old tin toys. Although with the old tin toys, they're not as durable, or even safe, but seem so sentimental.

  3. I love wooden toys, I have a baby girl, she plays so much with my old wooden toys but we have to be consious about app are in! but with limits, of course, there are hours for doing everthing! it's o important make children understand about timeless toys...

  4. This morning my 16 month old wandered off into my 4 year old's room & was disturbingly quiet. I went in to find her stacking four small-sized wooden blocks. She was so pleased with what she could do & I was so glad that she found joy in THE classic toy.

  5. My 2 year old generally prefers the obnoxious toys (like her mini mouse lap top, it was a present). I try to keep lots of books and a variety of educational options around. I don't care as much if they're ugly, as long as they're quiet. When we have guests over, most toys are tucked away in the play room, and only the attractive ones are on display.

  6. I love these comments today. Thank you for sharing your tips, experiences and favorites. I'm going to go reread them a second time...:)

  7. My children have gotten years of play out of a Kidcraft wooden play kitchen and Melissa & Doug play food set with cutting board and play knife. They still play with it, going on six years here, and I anticipate many more.

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  10. I am in love with Vilac toys. Before I had any children (but would have wee visitors and nothing to offer them) I found a few at a random store for an amazing price. I only wish I would have known how good of a bargain I had stumbled upon and stocked up on more. A pink Vilac race car is one of my daughter's favorites.


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