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Halloween Songs

• 28 October 2012

When I was a child, my mom really got into holidays with decorating, dressing up if needed and having fun (she still does, in fact!).  One of my favorite things she did to celebrate Halloween was sit our boom box next to an open window and play the Monster Mash over and over.  No one knew it was on repeat, as they visited our house for only a minute or two before moving on to another.  As far as every visitor knew, the Monster Mash played for them, just as they walked up the path to the front door.  Perfect timing.

Today I keep that tradition alive every Halloween, but I've added a few more songs to the playlist.  It turns out, there are more Halloween-appropriate songs out there besides the Mash!  Granted, they are a bit more subtle in their spooky sentiment, and many of them classify as "oldies", but they are awesome tunes nonetheless.  With Halloween just a few days away here in the US, I want to share my picks with you--may they make your Halloween parties and Halloween nights that much more fun.

Superstitious, Stevie Wonder
Abracadabra, Steve Miller Band
Trick or Treat, Otis Redding (favorite!)
Black Magic Woman, Santana
Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead, Ella Fitzgerald
Thriller, Michael Jackson
Spooky, Atlanta Rhythm Section
Witchy Woman, the Eagles
Moondance, Van Morrison
Ghost, Indigo Girls
Harvest Moon, Neil Young
Witchcraft, Frank Sinatra
Moon over Bourbon Street
and of course...Monster Mash, Robert Walsh

If you have any favorites to add, please chime in...thanks!

image of the Chateau de Beynac on an eerie, stormy night by Rachel Jones via Black Eiffel


  1. hey great idea I'd never associated halloween with songs! thanks for the playlist!

  2. Yes, great list. Perfect for a Halloween party. I love Ghost by Indigo Girls.

  3. Everyday is Halloween by Ministry and Oingo Boingo, of course!

  4. we listen to most of those, too! we also like werewolves of london by warren zevon, ghostbusters by ray parker jr., psycho killer by talking heads, and is there a ghost by band of horses. :)

  5. I was looking for some for a child's monster party, so Purple People Eater, is another fun one. Veggie Tales made Rock Lobster over into Rock Monster and another required is Ghostbusters. My suggestions are really more child oriented, but fun to dance to.

  6. Good suggestions friends! I will be adding these to my list! Thanks~


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