I Promised Them Apples

• 25 October 2012

On the way to the airport last month, I told my children I would take them apple picking as soon as I returned home from France.  So two weeks into October, we decided to pay two orchards in Eastern Washington a visit during a little family getaway--Bill's Berry Farm (which is apparently  more than berries) and the Ray French Orchard (which has been in their family for about one hundred years!).  While they were very different from each other, we loved them both.

For me, nothing feels more like Fall than apple picking.  And if you've ever taken a bite out of a crisp apple, right off the tree, you probably feel the same way about this colorful season.

Picking apples conjures many memories of a childhood spent in New England; where farms and Apple Orchards were in abundance.  I remember making homemade cider in a barn at the local 4-H club.  Boy was it cold--wet cold--and it smelled of nothing but apple peels; but, this was a good thing.  The cider we made was naturally chilled and tasted like perfection to me, even as a kid.

My children were thrilled with the opportunity to climb trees--a favorite past time.  I've actually never seen them more excited to pick anything.  Hanging their buckets on branches and then filling them up while they clung to the tree trunk was pretty much their idea of a good time.

While Baby Gray missed out on tree-climbing, he made sure to grab a few fallen apples to place in his bucket.

A sweet, little, vintage ride at Bill's Berry Farm.  Even though my older kids felt a little silly participating, they loved it.  It was good to see them being so carefree.

Bill's Berry Farm was hosting a festival the day we arrived so there was music, cider-making (!!), apple-cider donuts and lots of people (although the rain chased them away so I snuck this picture in quickly :)).

Kicking myself for not stocking up on gourds and pumpkins.  Check out these offerings!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend--whether you're apple picking, planning a Halloween fête, or starting to think about what in the world your children are going to wear for the upcoming holiday (you're not alone in that!).

Ray French Orchard
921 Harvest Lane Pr NE
Richland, WA 99352

Bill's Berry Farm
3674 N. County Line Road
Grandview, WA  98930


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