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Le Petit Atelier

• 29 November 2012

After Pia's book came out a few years ago, I started seeing little mentions of this beautiful ceramic boutique in Paris, appropriately called "Le Petit Atelier"--the small workshop.  While it's always been on my Paris wish list, I never had the opportunity to visit it until a few months ago, when Aran and I spent the day in Paris after our workshop.  It turns out Le Petit Atelier was at the top of her list, so off we went.  

It was a beautiful, little shop and I really enjoyed seeing all the details in person that I'd seen online.  Unmarked on the exterior, you really have to be looking for this gem of a shop; which made you feel like you'd truly stumbled upon a Parisian treasure.  I thought I'd share a handful of the images I snapped during our quick visit (I was parked in a loading zone a block away so swiftness was key!), in case you're also curious about Le Petit Atelier as well.  

Oh, and if you win the La Maisonnette France Giveaway, perhaps a day or two in Paris tacked on will be in order.  And then you can go visit this lovely shop (and many more!) in person.  Now, isn't that a lovely thought on this Friday morning...


  1. what a beautiful little shop! Will have to add it to my to visit list in Paris - next time I go. Happy weekend!

  2. I've been meaning to go there...such a gorgeous little space! Here's hoping I win the giveaway...

  3. In my last visit to Paris - i'm living in Québec, Canada) - we spend such a long time in this lovely shop. In fact, going there was on my Paris to do list. Every member of my family appreciated the time spent in this place, with the 2 owners. Thanks for the souvenirs.

  4. For your information, in french we say: Le petit atelier and not La, because atelier is a masculin noun. I Thought you might like to know ;-)

  5. Oh I so wish I had a chance to visit that pretty little shop while my visit to Paris. Well, perhaps when I come and stay with you at your Maisonette, I'll drop by La Petit Atelier. Have a great weekend Steph.

  6. Jennifer, yes, you must go! Luckily for you, it's not as far away as for the rest of us! I hope you're well in Bordeaux!

    Susan, good luck winning!

    Elise, thank you for the's not the first time I've made that mistake. Need husband to spellcheck my limited French :)

    Tracey, I love this scenario you've created. Let's make sure that plays out...

  7. I was so disappointed that Le Petit Atelier was closed when we visited in August! Maybe next time ;)

  8. One of my favorite stores in Paris!


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