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Homemade Gifts

• 07 December 2012

This week my daughter is scheming up a handmade gift for a Secret Santa activity and all the planning has me thinking about the joy that comes from a gift you make by hand.  Sure, it takes extra planning and time, but the residual happiness is worth it.  One year my father-in-law made me a leaf press, which is something I pull out every Autumn; and when I do it feels like Christmas all over again!  It's a gift I'll never forget and one I'll always cherish.  Why?  Because it was made by hand. 

If you're looking for ideas of homemade (and handmade) gifts, consider the newly-released "A Hip Handmade Holiday", which features gifts you can make for $10 or less (a few of them are pictured above).  If you're somewhat crafty (even the slightest!), this is right up your alley.  And while my homemade gifts are typically edible--Spiced Pecans, Cranberry Orange Bread, Strawberry Basil Freezer Jam, etc.--I'm also a fan of making cd's (old-school to some, I know), stationery and little kits for this and that. I think the key is finding something useful to the recipient that you genuinely enjoy making. When you infuse love into the gift by happily making it, that positive energy is passed on (so I like to believe!). 

Here are more ideas for fabulous gifts you can make at home... 

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love the idea of homemade gifts! Every year I make my girlfriends a little something for Christmas and this year I'm cross-stitching family portraits for all of our family. However, I always worry a tad that people feel like they are getting short shifted (you know, your friend gives you a $20 gift and you hand her homemade cocoa mix. How does she really feel about that?). On the other hand, I love receiving those type of gifts so I keep making them!

  2. I love this idea. We had our kids pick names for each other and they have all been making gifts for each other. They have come up with the best ideas so far. Thanks for the links!

  3. Home made gifts are such a beautiful thing to make and send and also to receive, because you know that time and effort went into it!

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  5. I absolutely love making old school cd mixes (I would still do it on tapes, if I could...) for friends as a holiday gift. It is so much fun!

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