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• 01 January 2013

Today was the day.  That blessed one in January when my Christmas decor is carefully tucked away for next year (interior only...the exterior lights remain!), and that renewed calm, which always comes with decluttering, is once again restored.  While not all of my brood is happy about the nutcrackers coming down off the mantle (more than one of them remarked how "boring" our house looks now), I couldn't be more at peace with it all.

In fact, as I type this post, I am sitting on my couch observing my living room and how new it feels, despite the fact that nothing in it, is in fact "new".  However, the simple act of moving out the holiday accouterments and swapping out just one piece of wall art made my space feel a bit sparkly.  Feeling the onset of a hankering to purge and rearrange (does January do this to everyone?), I am secretly excited about the prospect of renewing my space without spending a dime.

Until some of my children go back to school next week, I am likely not going to accomplish anything worth reporting :) So, in the meantime I'd like to share with you three topics that are on my mind this January--ones I am planning to revisit myself.

Organize a Closet + Feel True Happiness  |  Jump Starting Personal Creativity  |  3 Closet-Organizing Tips

image via Luciano Scherer  ( I love the way he arranged this wall...makes me want to be a bit more adventurous with a hammer and a nail!)


  1. Love that gallery wall too! Wow. And here I was just thinking about a wall of just white frames of various sizes. Looks like i should mix it up a little. Happy new year!

  2. Not just January, but every change of season I get the urge to purge and declutter.

  3. Just hearing you describe how lovely it feels makes me happy to get my holiday stuff put away. It's been a BIG few weeks here and just today I dismantled the mantle and took down our mini-tree. Everything does look a little shocking, but you are so right about how good and free it feels. And yes I totally want to shuffle through EVERYTHING. I actually think I'm going to get a small storage unit and move some stuff out of here altogether for a while. Sounds divine! Thanks for getting me excited about something I was kind of dreading.

  4. Dervla, I'm the same way about hanging art. I need an image like this to encourage creativity!

    Leslie, so true. I think it's especially pronounced in January, after the Christmas clutter goes away. But, the changing of seasons also is motivating.

    Kalani, you described it well..."freeing". That's exactly how I felt! This week it's been all about donations and moving things around. Feels good. But I need to do more!


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