stephmodo: A La Modo, An Affogato + a Favorite Dress

A La Modo, An Affogato + a Favorite Dress

• 19 March 2013

I see hints of sandals, cropped pants and other springlike attire on my instagram feed, but today in the Pacific Northwest it rained steadily throughout the day.  And while pedicured toes and sunglasses are not yet required in these parts, we do have the perfect backdrop for cozying up with a good book and a cup of Dark Hot Chocolate Affogato.  This liquid dessert is fairly new to my repertoire, but it's fast become a favorite--particularly on days like this.  I highly suggest treating yourself to a cup if you are experiencing similarly chilly weather!

Also, I have been steadily working on an exciting project that I am anxious to share with you soon.  Just give me a couple of weeks to wrap things up!  One little hint: it has to do with my growing pie box business, which was recently rebranded and copyrighted.  Rachel Jones of Black Eiffel created the logo and I am so pleased with it! Rachel is amazing.

And one last note that's style related...last year I purchased a cap-sleeved maxi dress from the Gap that I basically lived in all summer.  It's machine washable, comfortable and perfect with a pair of gladiators.  I recently noticed their sister company, Old Navy, if now offering an almost identical dress (at least in appearance...can't vouch for the fabric just yet), for half price this season.  For those of you experiencing warmer Spring weather, you could easily wear this right now.  I just had to share this favorite with you!


  1. this is exactly what i've been needing lately! especially where spring is still a long way off for us.
    could you convert the chocolate amount into grams-- for those of us who don't have access to bags of chocolate chips?
    thank you!

  2. Congratulations on the success of your new business! That is very cool, and I love the logo/name.

  3. congrats! love the logo, and the name. And, I too owned that Gap dress and lived in it last summer...can't wait to try the old navy version in that fun corally color. thanks for the tip!

  4. How exciting for you, a new venture!

  5. Dark hot chocolate affogato sounds amaaazing. Congratulations on the business, your logo looks very swish, you must be so happy! x

  6. Hooray for your new pursuits! Wishing you every success. Love the logo and name. Can't wait to see things unfold.

  7. Stephanie!! I haven't stopped by your blog in so long. I love the design for the pie boxes. So cute. And I'm loving the dress. And I'm missing you. I hope you get some sunshine up there this week!


  8. So sweet of you ladies to pop in and wish me well. Really appreciate you taking the time to do so!

  9. So excited to hear more about the pie box business!!! I love the new logo and the name is awesome!!

    And that dessert looks crazy good. Even at 8:12 am.

  10. I too would like an idea of how much chocolate is in a 'bag', thanks!
    Also, might sound very naive, but does one eat or drink an affogato?

  11. Your new logo couldn't be more fantastic! It is all genius!

    Congrats on all the success! Anthro? So exciting! Well deserved friend!


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