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Real Life Home No.19 - Lynne of Sugar City Journal

• 14 March 2013

Over a year and a half ago, I featured some gorgeous snippets of Lynne's eclectic, well-curated home in a mini-real-life-home-post.  At the time, she mentioned she was about to embark on some major renovations, so we decided it would be fun to share some additional views into her space after those projects were complete.  Because as anyone who's ever renovated anything knows, these things take time and they pretty much take over your life!  I've been anxiously awaiting the "after" photos and am really excited to share them with you here.

For those of you just tuning in, this series showcases living spaces decorated by people who are not formally-trained interior designers; people who mix new finds with antiques and secondhand pieces from Craigslist (or the like). People who have figured out, on their own, what looks and feels good in their living space, be it a free-standing home, an apartment, or in one particular case, a tower :)

Lynne used to blog at the well-loved Sugar City Journal, which she co-authored with her equally talented sister-in-law, Melissa.  However, these days she is blogging in a brand new space that reflects a slightly different direction, yet is still Lynne through and through.  There is a time and a season for everything in life and I am just thrilled that Lynne is now sharing her fine art skills with us, as well as all the witty anecdotes about parenting and the like {that we know and love her for}.

Note: if any of you teach art lessons in the classroom, be sure to check out Lynne's art lesson plans. She's spearheaded an art docent program in her children's school and is an excellent resource for any volunteer in the arts.

A wallpapered nook, a weathered map and a sheepskin throw keep things warm and inviting on the main level. And, oh how I love an open floor plan...

One of Lynne's favorite aspects of the renovation was replacing the aging carpet with wood floors.  They look incredible here in her new, farmhouse-style kitchen.  The open shelving and pot rack are my favorite details. 

For those of you curious about materials, Lynne actually chose soapstone for her kitchen counters. However, if had the opportunity to choose all over again, she mentioned she would definitely go with a matte black granite or quartz.  The look would be similar and her counter tops would be more durable.  

A fantastic dining room, that is more multipurpose than stuffy; which I love.  One time I had a formal dining room in one of my living spaces and it was rarely used.  I often thought, `why didn't I make this into a studio?  or an office?  or a library'.  Well, Lynne is already a step ahead!  Her dining room is clearly used on more than one occasion.

Aaah, and the master bedroom...isn't it lovely?

When it comes to decorating, Lynne does an outstanding job mixing vintage and new finds in a way that looks both intentional, yet very natural.  She blends West Elm bedding, a thrift store lamp and a fantastic DIY project (the wallpapered headboard) for an eclectic look that is entirely her own.

Another highlight of the renovation was the master bathroom.  Once home to wall-to-wall carpet, this shiny and bright bathroom is now a haven for Lynne and her husband as they prepare for the day.  And as a mother of 4 young children, this respite is very important.

His + hers sinks...jealous! :)

The children's rooms are always my favorite part of Lynne's home tours.  She has the most incredible eye and melds youthfulness and innocence with stylish pieces {both new and vintage}, that can seamlessly grow with her children.  Easily, my favorite is the adorable, red stool with white piping.  Although the intricate headboard paired with the white linens is a close second...

I take that favorite is this beautiful art wall :) 

Seriously though, aren't these rooms fantastic?  I feel incredibly inspired to create lovely spaces for my own children, on a budget--just as she's done here. 

At the end of this special, real life home tour, I want to share with you one last nook in Lynne's home showcasing her favorite new piece of furniture--a dark blue, velvet sofa.  An avid reader, this little space would not be complete without a stack of books (or two) close by.  In fact, if you are searching for literature recommendations for both children and adults, peek at her book posts.  Lynne is always introducing me to interesting titles and is very thoughtful about what she reads and shares.

Lynne, thank you for this beautiful home tour.  Totally worth the wait :)

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  1. There is nothing trendy about this true to her own style. Such a refreshing space...and inspires me to add more of my personality to my own home. Also, love the pinecones on the front door...filing that away for next Autumn. Thanks!

  2. Well curated- great description!

  3. the pinecones hanging by the front door are my favorite! i may just have to try making my own.

  4. What a gorgeous home!!! I love all the decor pieces of character!

    Ergo - Blog

  5. That is one inspiring home! I love her style!

  6. Thank you so much for featuring my home, Steph! I love your thoughtful descriptions. :) I wish you lived close enough to come over for some tea and a treat.

  7. those double chalkboard doors, the painting in the bathroom and those towels hanging on the doors are some my favorite things about this beautiful home.

  8. Any chance we could get the shopping details for the blue velvet couch? I've been keeping my eye out for a loooong time and would love a lead!

  9. Hi Robyn, it is the Hyde couch from Ethan Allen. I highly recommend and here is why: we originally purchased a Hyde couch (it was grey) 7 years ago, and it was holding up fantastically when my dad this fall jumped on it (long story) and broke it the frame in half. I called Ethan Allen just to see what my options were in terms of getting it fixed - but they offered straight up to replace it for free and even let me choose new upholstery. AMAZING customer service (we had no extended warranty, btw).

  10. Beautiful. I love the way you describe everything. Lynne's house is full of details everywhere. I am in LOVE with the artwork throughout. She does a great job of blending her artwork with the other pieces she has collected overtime.

    Bathroom and kitchen are gorgeous!

  11. I used to follow Sugar City Journal and I am in LOVE with this home! I don't know where to start to file away ideas. It makes me miss her blog...I'll be checking out her new one!

  12. Thank you Lynne Millar! Btw, the Potato Leek Soup recipe that was posted long ago? It's now a family FAVORITE that has been passed on to every person I have ever prepared it for. Mwah!

  13. I love the kitchen and the sinks! although there's not much space or any surface to put your things in those 2 sinks...

  14. Love! Any chance you can share your source for the ottoman? Have been looking for a similar one-hoping it has storage!

  15. I love that chalkboard door and that bow hanging on the antlers!

  16. Hi Marian -

    The ottoman we got at Ethan Allen about 7 years ago and unfortunately it has no storage (which is a bummer!)

  17. What a cozy, welcoming home. I especially love the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in the dining room. I have been wanting to build something similar in our dining room. Were they custom made?

  18. any change you can let us know where you got those over-size flowers hanging from the ceiling?? I would love some!

  19. Hi Jennifer - the bookcases were built by our contractor, and I've been so happy with them.

    Sarah - I made the flower mobile from crepe paper. It's really fun and super easy and crepe paper is really cheap. There are lots of great directions around the web... I learned from this tutorial on the oh happy day site - but martha stewart has some great tutorials on making them too!

  20. Hi Stephanie, I have always accessed your blog through google reader, which is going away July1. do you have and alternative suggestion for me and your other readers?

  21. Oh Carol, I hadn't heard that. This is unfortunate news for us all. Let me look into this, okay? If you send me an email at "", I can respond as soon as I have a good solution. Thank you !

  22. Absolutely love the blue-gray front door with oiled bronze hardware! Any idea what the door color is?

  23. Totally jumping in here late.... I was just hoping to get the source for the grey velvet looking sofa in the first photo. The one under the shelving with a red throw over the arm? I've been looking for something similar for ages! Such a lovely home!

  24. I'm jumping in here late too. I love, love, love your home. Did you paint those brass metallic boxes in your daughters' room?!?! I'm obsessed w/ the look of brass, and those are soooo cool!


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