stephmodo: Kelly Neidig Modern Landscapes

Kelly Neidig Modern Landscapes

• 10 March 2013

Every now and then I pop onto Kelly Neidig's etsy shop, in hopes she's added more paintings...particularly those painted in a style I saw her do often before she contracted Lyme Disease.  This week, I saw such a painting and my heart soared (see above).  I am taking this as a sign she is healing and feeling more herself, which is wonderful news.

If you're interested in seeing one of her pieces in a real space, I did show a little peek in this post.  I also mentioned her in a post about growing an original art collection on a budget awhile back.  Some of you may be interested in that topic as well!  

Have a wonderful week...I can't wait to show you another "Real Life Home".  What a fun series this has been!


  1. I love your taste in art. Thank you for posting this. She is so talented.

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  3. I love this painting so much. Thanks for the heads up about her.


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