Confessions from the Laundry Room

• 04 March 2013

Hello!  My name is Stephanie and I hate doing the laundry.  In fact, today marks the first time in almost a year that I saw the bottom of my laundry sorter.  Who knew it was so dirty?  To celebrate this proud moment, I decided to share a few sentiments and one of my favorite laundry room setups.

Over the years, I've made several attempts at finding a solution to my laundry woes (which I imagine many of you share--at least that is what I'll tell myself!).  I've purchased attractive laundry sorters, fancy linen sprays, pretty bins to hold laundry soap and beautiful potted plants to add life and vibrancy.  Recently, I even hung one of my favorite paintings in the laundry room, in a last ditch effort to create an incentive to want to spend time in the laundry room.  My report card would indicate that not one of my attempts was successful.  I guess I see why my husband does his own laundry (not complaining!).  

Currently, my laundry style is to spend one or two days doing laundry nonstop (or so it feels), dumping all the clean clothes in a big pile on the floor.  Then, I sit down for an hour or so and fold, fold, fold; while my kids play around me.  And then there's the struggle to actually get the clothes put away...another issue entirely!  It's madness I tell you.

If you've found a solution for your family, would you mind either telling me about it, or including a link?  Would love to hear your thoughts and see if I can't nip this one in the bud :)

image via here   |   a great laundry room featured in the Washington Post here   


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