Growing an Original Art Collection on a Budget

• 13 June 2012

A couple of months ago, a few artists and art collectors who attend the same congregation as I do, hosted an "evening of the arts".  The room was packed and I left feeling like my evening was definitely well spent.  Recently one of the artists who shared her story that evening, Jenny Vorwaller (also mentioned here), posted a link to an article about why it's important (and easier-on-the-wallet) to collect art from emerging artists.  I love this subject and wanted to share a few personal thoughts with you after reading the piece.

Perhaps the point I appreciate most is the author's stance that collecting art is not just for those who are "well off"--not everyone needs to collect Picassos!  Collecting art is certainly an endeavor that can be successfully executed on a budget.  I have a handful of little, original pieces and most of them were purchased for an extremely reasonable price on Etsy, Big Cartel or off the street.  In fact, one of my favorites is a small painting my husband and I bought from an artist set up in San Francisco's Washington Park.  You see, the value of an original work of art is not related to a fancy price tag or location.  If a piece of art speaks to you and it's only $5, then it's a worthwhile purchase.  So you spend more on the be it (tips on that here).  Art is not to be judged on its price tag, but rather on how it makes you feel.  Does the piece of art calm you?  Give you energy?  Excite you?  Evoke a positive memory?  These are the types of questions you want to ask yourself before acquiring an original work.

Of course acquiring art is a personal experience and not everyone will love and appreciate the same type of art.  But in case you're looking for some inspiration to get you started, I'd like to share a few artists that I love.  If there are any emerging (or established) artists that you know if, feel free to share in the comments.  Thanks!

Katherine Sandoz  |  Lauren Adams  |  Linda Donahue  |  Jenny Vorwaller  |  Paul Ferney  |  Kelly Neidig  |  Chad Wys

image 1 - Katherine Sandoz  |  image 2 - a painting by Jenny Vorwaller  |  image 3 - Lauren Adams  |  image 4 - Paul Ferney


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