24 Hours in Barcelona

• 14 April 2013

Since renovating our French cottage back in 2009, we've discussed how interesting it might be to fly into Barcelona, instead of Paris.  Supposedly the drive was an hour longer from the airport (6.5 v. 5.5 and after 20 hours of traveling ever hour counts), but the allure of the Pyranees lingered.  After seeing that airline tickets were less expensive by a few hundred dollars each, we decided to give it a try.  Oh the thrill of exploring a new place!

The timing on this trip was ideal in so many ways, given the momentous project I'd just completed and the fact that I felt we were due for a vacation with just our family (it had been 2 years).  On Monday and Wednesday of that week, I shipped off my Anthropologie shipments.  On Thursday, I cleaned, did laundry and packed up small suitcases for everyone (since I am traveling home alone with the kids, packing light was the name of the game).  Then, early on Friday morning, we headed to the airport in Seattle and our family adventure began.

This was my second time in Spain, but first time to Barcelona.  My first exposure to Spain was 17 years ago with my AP Spanish class!  I know I am dating myself here, but there you have it.  I vividly remember the hot sun, fantastic art, espadrilles, gazpacho and the thrill of studying a new culture firsthand.  This was my first time abroad without my parents and I can still remember how much I enjoyed my independence as a teenager.

Barcelona is well-known for its incredible architecture and often visitors reminisce that this was their favorite charachteristic about the city.  Gaudi is likely the most famous and recognizable, but he certainly isn't the only big name in town.  Walking, driving and touring around was a feast for the eyes.  How incredible it was to be in a place so incredibly supportive of inventive architecture and design, even when others mocked or discredited the results at times.  I feel this general vibe also relates to the human experience.  Stepping out, working hard, following your passions and not paying too much attention to 'the haters', has the potential to create the best possible results.

My husband found a great little apartment to rent via AirBnB.  When your family is large enough to require 2 hotel rooms, renting a apartment in Europe is much more cost effective.  Also, the access to a kitchen saves parents from incurring added expense and frustrating dining experiences with overtired chidren :)  The view was incredible and the decor was really fun; but, I think my favorite detail was the black-out shutters.  These made trying to work through our jet-lag so much easier and honestly, we needed all the help we could get that night!  It was crazy.  

We were only there together as a family for one day, but we did our darndest to haul our jet-lagged bodies out into the warm sun and see as much as possible of this beautiful city.  It turns out those touristy double decker bus tours are the perfect solution when dealing with a limited time frame and little energy.  Definitely make sure you get a seat up top!


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