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Searching for Sugar Man, a Documentary

• 16 April 2013

It's been awhile since I watched a documentary that I enjoyed as much as Searching for Sugar Man.  The storyline, the music and the humility of the man portrayed certainly impressed me.  Not in a blown-up, fantastic way; but rather, in a simple and interesting way.  Truly, the mark of a good movie in my book :)

Now, I don't want to give away any details (I prefer to walk into films knowing little about them other than that they are worthwhile), but I do want to encourage you to see it if you have a chance.  In Seattle, it's showing at our international cinema and I imagine a film of this genre will be shown in similar venues in your area.  You can peek at the website for more info!

image still from the movie


  1. Such a great movie! I loved it from start to finish and was so happy it won the Oscar. Such great music, too.

  2. Wasn't it wonderful? I thought about the film for days after watching. I thought Rodriguez's daughters were as fascinating as his story. More on them, please!

  3. Ooh, I'm definitely intrigued! I love a good documentary.

  4. Always love getting recommendations for a good documentary. I am putting this one on my must-see list!

  5. Amazing story. The music is incredible and the documentary was well done.

  6. As a South African who grew up listening to his music (and wondering who is was) this documentary was great, and a total tear jerker.


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