stephmodo: Merci in Paris Goes Online

Merci in Paris Goes Online

• 19 April 2013

When lucky enough to be in Paris, my #1 favorite shop is Merci in the Marais.  The large, three-story boutique is full of special things, both high and low.  Meaning, you can spend $1000 or you can spend $10 (not kidding!).  Either way you will come back with something you just love...a little journal, a mug, a set of napkins, pretty pens, etc.  The collections are tasteful, interesting and superbly styled.  But there is more depth to Merci than just a fantastically curated shop--it also serves as a launching pad for young designers.  More importantly,  proceeds from Merci feed into a charity for children in Madagascar.  A perfect meld of finding success and giving back.  If you'd like to read up a little more about these sorts of details, head here and here

If you starting reading my blog back in 2009, no doubt you've noticed I post about it just about every time we travel to France to work on our little cottage in the Dordogne.  I am so sorry if you are becoming slightly bored with these posts, but I just had to let you know today that Merci recently announced the opening of their online shop--with international shipping (this is huge!!).   So whether you live in rural Texas or New York City, you too can enjoy a petite slice of Paris with the click of a few buttons. Hopefully that will tide you over until you can visit the brick and mortar space in person :)

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