stephmodo: Jenny Vorwaller Studio Sale + a Framing Tip

Jenny Vorwaller Studio Sale + a Framing Tip

• 27 May 2013

Word up: the talented Ms. Vorwaller is hosting a studio sale online right now.  This is a great time to pick up something pretty for your walls for a reasonable price.  I especially like "Penny Sky", as well as the watercolors Jenny is offering up.  I think every grouping of art on the walls benefits from including a little, framed watercolor.  The white space of the mat and the delicate strokes of the watercolor medium, add visual interest and balance out the collection.

Also, while we are the subject of framing, I have a little tip to share with you that has saved me a tremendous amount of money over the years and made it possible for me to hang lovely things on my walls; something that makes me happy every day.  To save money on framing a watercolor (or a drawing or photograph for that matter), the off-white wood gallery frames at Pottery Barn are a good value for the price (this one with an oversized mat is my favorite).  The quality is leagues ahead of Ikea's frames, but the price point is very reasonable--especially when you pick them up during one of their many sales on frames.  After you choose your ready-made frame, take it to a professional framer and have them set the watercolor painting and add wire to the back for easy hanging.  This simple service will only cost you about $10...totally worth it!

View all of the works featured in Jenny Vorwaller's studio sale here.


  1. Thanks for the framing tip. I think framing makes the difference a lot like wearing good shoes can make even inexpensive clothing look great!
    Jana @ 333 Days of Hand Lettering

  2. I finally was able to meet up with Jenny last week, it had been 15 years or so since I last saw her but she hardly looks a day out of high school. Thanks for sharing her work and allowing me to reconnect with someone from my past.

  3. Cristina and I just bought yet another piece from Jenny. :) Slowly building the collection!

  4. Lisette, I am so happy to hear that! How fun you knew Jenny in high school. So cool.

    And Jeff, I so curious which one you chose...will ask Cristina ce soir :)


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