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Modern American Art Stamps

• 04 June 2013

If you've been reading this blog for a few years, you know I get really excited to share sightings of pretty postage stamps.  I know it sounds silly, but I've always loved adorning an envelope with a beautiful stamp.  It's like a mini work of art, to me, and makes a letter or card that much more special. I believe this particularly true as handwritten notes are more of a rarity than ever before.

When I was a teenager, the Georgia O'Keeffe poppy stamps came out just after I purchased a set of matching cards at the Metropolitan Museum of Art gift shop.  I can still remember being excited about combining the two and wondered if anyone would notice.  Then, when mailing out my wedding invitations some years later, I spent a little extra postage on each card just to have a matching stamp (my dad totally rolled his eyes at this one, and rightfully so!).  So you see, my keen interest in beautiful stamps has been going on for some time and is likely never to wain.  And while all of the stamps in this particular set aren't up my alley, there are some that are just stunning (like the O'Keeffe).  You can use ones you don't love for bills :)

You can buy these stamps in sheets of 10 online or at your local post office.


  1. Those are really pretty.

    I haven't put as much thought into matching stamps & envelops, but I have a small history of making gifts of stamps. It started when my nephew had a space-themed bedroom. I found a framed sheet of "astronauts on the moon" stamps at a yard sale (priced less than the postage value of the stamps!) & gave them as a birthday gift. It continues -- one of my husband's gifts this past week was the Doctor Who 50th anniversary collection.

    I've been debating whether on not to get the Jane Austen 200th birthday collection for a friend. Now I'm convinced that I should.

  2. I feel the same way! It makes me just a little bit happier when I'm taking the time to write a handwritten letter or bill, and I love that.

    May I ask where you got these pastel envelopes? They're beautiful with these stamps.

  3. I love these! I clicked on the link and will be purchasing some for myself "write" (right) now!

    Get mailing, friends!!!!

  4. It will probably be no surprise to you that I've already stocked up on these... :)
    LOVE them!

  5. Mail is an art form all by itself but with these amazing stamps-divine :) Jana@333 Days of Hand Lettering

  6. Starr, that is such a good idea! I love the idea of tucking in stamps to a corresponding book-particularly in the case of Jane Austen.

    Original Kos, I purchased all of these at Paper Source. Love!

    bp, CMN...yay! Pretty mail awaits.

    Jana, thank you!

  7. Oh my! Makes a sweet little letter even sweeter!

  8. These are wonderful! I have been reconnecting with the joys of postage stamps since our return to the US this winter. Currently, I'm obsessed with the vintage wildflower stamps. They're inspiring me to write more notes than i have in ages!

  9. I'm obsessed with unique + beautiful jewelry for a letter. I hadn't seen these-thank you for sharing!

  10. Just letting you know I've missed your voice here on the blog! Hope all is well with you.

  11. As an avid letter writer, I too swoon over beautiful stamps! Even simple ones like the bonsai trees that they had last year make me really happy.

    Also, I am very impressed by the eloquence of the spam above. Truly.

  12. I love stamps - used to collect them as a kid. I loved to write letters and had several pen pals. The stamps that came from them with exotic stamos made my day.

    I still love to write letters and my mom often gifts me with special stamp sheets from the post office.

    When Mr. Ramon and I sent out our wedding save the date and invites we used special stamps. For the invites I splurged and bought these amazing vintage stamps. I almost did not want to mail them.


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