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Clearing Clutter

• 09 January 2008

Let's talk about this's so much fun AND it's a new year! We have 348 days left to become clutter-free...if that's our prerogative anyway. I think it's a credible mantra for a variety of reasons:

1. Less to Clean
2. Decreases Stress
3. Creates Appearance of "Clean"
4. Encourages Simplicity (we don't need as much as we think we do)

I found a blog that might interest those interested in here to read.

My friend Carey was heading to the D.I. and luckily she stopped here first so I could grab a wonderful book called the One Minute Organizer. Right up my alley--it's organization for the busy person. Nothing is overwhelming and you can do it bit by bit as you have/make time. Here are a few tips from Ms. Smallin regarding clearing clutter:

* Start with the easy stuff--things that don't require any decision making on your part. Grab a trash bag (the darker the better if the hubby is around!) and start tossing in things that are clearly garbage: food wrappers, expired coupons and flyers, stretched-out socks, stained clothing, rusted kitchen utensils, broken items that have since been replaced. Keep going until that trash bag is full.

* When uncluttering a shelf, drawer, cupboard, or closet, take everything out. Then put back only those things you love and use.

I'm off to take a few trash bags around my house myself; heaven knows I have several spaces still in dire need of some serious de-cluttering (think closets, basement, drawers, ugh!). In fact, I may need an entire box of trash bags for the basement, which is looking more like a Spring project than a January one these days.

If you are interested in perusing this book cover to cover, click here for more info. It's inexpensive and chocked full of great ideas. Think baby steps (as in What About Bob).

Shall we do this again soon?


  1. This is good advice. And this is usually my job, by the way. I'm the one that has to use a "dark bag." It'll take me bag-fulls to go through the whole house.

  2. I'm off to the playroom with some boxes - getting rid of stuff and giving it to someone else who need it (eg. the salvation army thrift store). Thanks for the great tips!

    J :)

  3. Steph,
    You are a popular gal...I have seen links to your blog on several Maryland peeps blog who I am sure don't realize you are Cher's sis. You do have a great blog!


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